Prepare for a prolonged wildfire season in Alberta due to severe drought conditions

Alberta bracing for a long wildfire season fuelled by drought

“Alberta Braces for Another Challenging Fire Season”

As Alberta gears up for another potentially devastating wildfire season, officials are urging residents to remain vigilant and prepared for what lies ahead. With drought conditions already settling in and the threat of volatile conditions looming, the province is on high alert.

Early Start to the Season

The official start of fire season in Alberta was brought forward by 10 days in March, as crews were already deployed to fires that ignited during last year’s unprecedented fire season. The majority of the fires currently burning began last year and have smoldered through the winter, creating a heavier fire load for firefighters as they enter the spring.

Rising Risk and Precautionary Measures

As of now, 50 wildfires are burning across the province, with some regions at higher risk due to current conditions. The lack of snow cover from a dry winter has left the soil bone-dry, making it easier for fires to ignite and spread. The Alberta Wildfire information unit manager, Christie Tucker, has stated that 500 hectares have already been consumed by fire this season, up from the same time last year.

Proactive Approach and Call to Action

Alberta’s government is prepared to respond to wildfires with hundreds of trained firefighters and additional resources, including air tankers, equipment, and helicopters. Despite these efforts, it is crucial for every Albertan to do their part in preventing wildfires. Last year, the province faced a record-breaking wildfire season, leading to a state of emergency and thousands of evacuations.

Conclusion: A Shared Responsibility

As the threat of wildfires looms large over Alberta once again, it is essential for residents to understand their role in preventing such disasters. By staying vigilant, following fire safety guidelines, and supporting firefighting efforts, we can work together to mitigate the risk and protect our communities. Let us all do our part in ensuring a safe and fire-free season ahead.



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