‘Let kids be kids,’ says conservative trans woman


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Rebel News reporter Alexa Lavoie interviews Blaine Baiduk, a trans woman, who says kids need to be given the chance to be kids, and not encouraged to take puberty blockers or undergo radical surgeries.
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  1. How many children that was transgendered, are now regretting what happened to them? Many. The government wants to destroy them. Trudeau is one sick evil tyrant. He wants to destroy this country and every Canadian. When will he face Treason???

  2. Teachers are pushing this everywhere the man is delusional he obviously doesn't know what he's talking about men are trying to take over women's bathrooms locker rooms gyms our lives are words they're changing women are the victims in this in children it is psychological abuse and until it stops it's just men taking over women's places women's rights now women we have rights but men can't have them because they're biologically men this is not hate speech this is biology this is reality I am dyslexic I hope this wrote well because I use my voice chat save all the biological women and the children please get your senses back and stop this?????


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