Is BC’s new school ‘bubble zone’ legislation about keeping kids safe or keeping parents in the dark?


On April 10, British Columbia’s NDP premier announced the province’s plans to target parental rights protests against the province’s controversial Sexual Orientation and Gender Ideology program (SOGI 123) by introducing legislation to prevent “disruptive behaviour,” including certain “aggressive protests” near school grounds.

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  1. There are only two sexes: Male & Female. There are hundreds of sexual perversions. Choose your own, but don't fight about it, and don't insist upon telling everyone else, we are just not interested.

  2. 0:00: ?? BC's new legislation restricts protests near schools, impacting parental rights and freedom of expression.
    3:12: ? Discussion on school resources and parental awareness in BC schools.
    5:22: ?? Controversy over misrepresented school legislation impact on educators and community safety.
    7:58: ?? Debate over school curriculum and parental rights in BC amidst new legislation.
    10:40: ?? Controversy surrounds new school legislation in BC, sparking fear and activism among parents and pastors.

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  3. Teaching sexual orientation and sex acts in school is wrong. Only biology should ever be taught. Anything else is perversion. Why are they allowed to teach all this crap and yet you cannot teach religion? Is it because people have different religious beliefs? Well, people have different sexual beliefs too. So teaching all this gender fluid BS equally has no place in school.

  4. Some of these comments saying 'don't send your kids to public school' are asinine. BC is one of the most unaffordable places to live; even a two parent income household working careers well above minimum wage barely scrape by with having kids.
    There's so many things wrong with this province, and the public schools are just one of these things. This is why the NDP needs to be ousted this election.

  5. Jail
    If you can’t do jail time don’t do the crime.
    White black native south Asian.
    This multi Tier”just-us” WOKE system is wrong on so many levels.
    I’m 100% ready to vote ?? ASAP !!!
    Poilievre !! For PM

  6. David Eby is probably the worst Premier in Canada. Absolutely atrocious, wasn't even elected as Premier he was handed the job by Horgan. He needs to go back to Ontario because his socialism is destroying the BC.

  7. Perhaps Eby NEED have a conversation with Danielle Smith? He won't… because he's clearly a coward and compromised. He hasn't got the stones to be in a conversation with Danielle Smith.. He's a JT BL'r


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