Enough already! It’s time to put a stop to sports gambling ads

Ratio’d | Sports gambling ads need to stop

“Are sports gambling ads taking over your favorite sports games? In Ontario, the situation is becoming increasingly alarming as the provincial government has given the green light to numerous online casinos to operate single-game sports betting apps. Fans who simply want to enjoy a hockey match or a baseball game are now bombarded with promotions and advertisements that glorify gambling. But what is the real impact of this trend on society, especially on the younger generation?

The Rise of Online Sports Gambling

The prevalence of online sports gambling has not only affected the viewing experience of sports fans but has also translated into real-world consequences. Shockingly, over 30% of high school students in Ontario are admitting to engaging in online gambling. Moreover, calls to problem gambling hotlines have surged, pointing to a growing issue that needs attention. This trend is not unique to Ontario; in the United States, where similar gambling legislation exists, the problem persists. The normalization of gambling as a form of entertainment raises questions about the government’s role in promoting such activities and the potential impact on minors in society.

The Impact on Society and the Younger Generation

With the increase in online sports gambling, concerns about addiction and problem gambling are on the rise. The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health’s data on high school students’ involvement in online gambling paints a concerning picture of the future generation. It is crucial to address how the normalization of gambling through advertisements during sports games can shape young minds and influence their perceptions of risk and reward.


As the prevalence of sports gambling ads continues to grow, it is essential to consider the broader societal impact of promoting gambling as a form of entertainment. The normalization of gambling, especially in the context of sports, raises questions about ethics and responsibility. With the rise in problem gambling among young individuals, it is time for policymakers to reevaluate the regulations surrounding online sports gambling and its advertisement. Sports should be enjoyed for the thrill of the game, not as a platform for promoting potentially harmful activities.”



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