Discover which celebrity Colin Jost believes is an outstanding host on SNL

Colin Jost is the co-anchor of Saturday Night Live's 'Weekend Update.' (Will Heath/NBC via CNN Newsource)

“Colin Jost, the veteran of ‘Saturday Night Live’, has undoubtedly witnessed many guest hosts grace the iconic comedy show’s stage. But who does it best? Well, according to Jost himself, there are a few names that stand out.

**Insight from the ‘Weekend Update’ Anchor**

In a recent episode of the ‘Table for Two with Bruce Bozzi’ podcast, Colin Jost shared his insights on what makes a great guest host on ‘SNL’. One name that stood out for him was Adam Driver, who has hosted the show four times. Jost praised Driver’s ability to make unique and interesting choices during the table read, likening him to the legendary Will Ferrell.

**Will Ferrell: A Comedy Legend**

Speaking of Ferrell, Jost couldn’t help but mention his greatness on the show. With five hosting gigs and a seven-year stint as a cast member, Ferrell’s impact on ‘SNL’ is undeniable. Jost acknowledged Ferrell’s deep understanding of the show and his ability to bring something special to every sketch.

**Fatherhood and Fun**

Away from the bright lights of ‘SNL’, Jost also shared a glimpse into his personal life. The mention of his two-year-old son, Cosmo, brought a smile to his face. Jost proudly spoke of Cosmo’s swimming abilities and intelligence, showcasing the joy of fatherhood.

In a world where comedy reigns supreme, Colin Jost’s musings on guest hosts and family life offer a refreshing perspective on what truly matters. As we continue to enjoy the brilliance of ‘Saturday Night Live’, let’s not forget the human stories behind the laughter and applause. In the end, it’s the connections we make and the memories we create that truly define us.”



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