Discover the Top Canadian Region with the Highest Daily Breakfast Rates: Survey Reveals Atlantic Region in the Lead!

Survey shows Atlantic region leads Canada in highest daily breakfast rates

“Breakfast Habits Across Canada: A Closer Look at the Survey Results”

Breakfast is often touted as the most important meal of the day, and a recent survey conducted by the Agri-Food Analytics Lab sheds light on the breakfast habits of Canadians across the country. With over 60 per cent of Atlantic Canadians surveyed reporting that they eat breakfast daily, it seems that this morning ritual is alive and well in the east coast.

Atlantic Canadians Embrace Breakfast

Dalhousie University food professor, Sylvain Charlebois, attributes the high rate of daily breakfast consumption in the Atlantic region to the quality of life enjoyed by residents. Charlebois points out that Atlantic Canadians have an extra hour in their day compared to major urban centers like New York and Toronto, allowing them to prioritize breakfast without the rush of a busy morning commute. This emphasis on quality of life and time management sets the Atlantic region apart when it comes to breakfast habits.

Regional Disparities in Breakfast Habits

While Atlantic Canadians top the charts for daily breakfast consumption, the survey reveals that British Columbia has the highest rate of breakfast skippers in the country, with close to 40 per cent of respondents admitting to skipping breakfast regularly. This regional disparity highlights the diverse breakfast preferences and habits that exist across Canada.

Generational Divide in Breakfast Choices

The survey also delves into the breakfast preferences of different age groups, revealing that Gen Z has the highest rate of breakfast skippers at 9 per cent, while the Greatest Generation boasts the highest rate of daily breakfast consumption at 74.8 per cent. Charlebois notes that younger generations like Gen Z and millennials may have a different approach to meal structure, opting for fewer formal meals and more snacks throughout the day.

Preferred Breakfast Foods and Beverages

When it comes to breakfast food choices, the survey found that a piece of toast or a bagel, eggs, and cereal are among the top three preferred options for Canadians. Coffee remains the beverage of choice, with over half of respondents preferring to start their day with a cup of joe. Interestingly, older generations like Baby Boomers and the Greatest Generation are more likely to pair their breakfast with coffee compared to younger generations like Gen Z.


The breakfast habits of Canadians reveal a fascinating interplay of regional, generational, and cultural factors that shape our morning routines. Whether you’re a devoted breakfast enthusiast or a self-proclaimed breakfast skipper, the diversity of breakfast preferences across Canada highlights the unique ways in which we start our day. So, next time you sit down for breakfast, take a moment to reflect on how your choices reflect not just your individual preferences, but also the broader trends that shape our nation’s breakfast culture.”



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