Did cloud seeding cause Dubai flooding? What to know about the science


The United Arab Emirates capital of Dubai remains flooded after a deluge of rain fell earlier in the week.

Several unconfirmed reports suggest cloud seeding could have played a role in the flooding. Cloud seeding is when we infuse clouds with a substance like silver iodide, by spraying particles from a drone or airplane, or projecting them from a cannon.

“(Water will) start condensing or freezing on to that silver iodide particle and then basically build ice up,” explains Rachel Chang, Canada Research Chair in Atmospheric Science. The ice crystals grow rapidly until they’re large enough to fall as snow, or if the temperature is warm enough, they’ll turn to rain.

Cloud seeding became popular in the United States in the 1960s and now, dozens of countries, including Canada, use the method to sometimes fight forest fires or drought, create snow or to limit the size of potentially damaging hail.”

Global’s Nathaniel Dove explains the process and whether experts believe it could have played a role in Dubai’s record rainfall.

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  1. ROFL…Why would you use cloud seeding in a simulated world? I think it's better to pray for rain, or better yet, pray for an Avatar who can balance water, earth, fire , and air. Since 1971, what natural disasters has Ontario, Canada gone through? Perhaps this is a coincidence to? Alien Ships are screwing around with your weather. This punishment came from up above.

  2. This isn't the first time this has happened. Look up the 1972 Rapid City, USA flood that coincided with one of the first known cloud seeding experiments. There was even a multi-million dollar class-action lawsuit against the government for negligence resulting in the death of 240 people. Don't know how the lawsuit turned out since I can't find anything more about it, but there you go.

  3. Always "global warming" if our government would quit trying to play God by seeding the clouds. Have the government ever thought maybe it's what their doing that is messing up our environment?

  4. They cloud seed in north east of US all the time. They are trying to destroy our homes and vacate us so they can use this area for refuge when the apocalypse comes.

  5. HOw cute of MSM to talk about conspiracy theories that we've all been saying for years and years and years is the truth. How many years are MSM behind in covering real truth?


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