Customers shocked McDonalds ends free coffee rewards program


McDonald’s customers are voicing shock to discover the restaurant’s long-running free coffee loyalty program is over.

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  1. This is beyond confusing. McDonald's got rid of the free coffee stickers more than two years ago because they felt they could make up for getting rid of it with their McReward's program, which I would greatly prefer having over getting free coffee stickers with no McReward's now that a QP with cheese combo or a 6 piece nugget combo are both $15+. The free coffee stickers were great to have back when a McDouble combo was $5-6, but now that same combo is $9-10 and I earn that same coffee three times faster than I did under the old program anyways. As long as they retroactively honour your stickers forever, I really don't see what the big problem is.

  2. 0:35 A medium coffee is about $1.85, so all those cards had a value of about $770… and you gave it to the undeserving McDonalds company… for free. Come on guys, stop screwing yourselves over, there is no 'thrill' in colllecting something so useless


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