Correctional Service Taking Action Against Drone Threats

Correctional service says it's tackling threat posed by drones

“Prisons are supposed to be institutions of rehabilitation and security, aiming to keep society safe from those who have broken the law. However, the growing use of drones to drop contraband into prisons has added a new layer of complexity and danger to an already challenging environment.

### The Battle Against Drone Smugglers

The Correctional Service of Canada has acknowledged the seriousness of this issue and has taken steps to address it. From procuring drone detection equipment to piloting cellphone detection technology, the correctional service is employing a multi-faceted approach to combat the smuggling of contraband into prisons. Other measures such as body scanners, dogs trained to find electronic devices, and infrastructure enhancements are also being utilized to deter smugglers.

Despite these efforts, there are still limitations to what can be done due to legal restrictions on the use of drone-jamming technology. The Union of Canadian Correctional Officers has been vocal about the wave of violence driven by drone drops of drugs and weapons, calling for more robust anti-drone technology to be implemented in prisons.

### The Need for Technological Innovation

There is a consensus among correctional officers, prison watchdogs, and experts that investing in more sophisticated drone detection systems is crucial in combating the presence of drugs within correctional facilities. As inmates continue to fail drug tests at an alarming rate, it is evident that the demand for drugs behind bars is insatiable.

Countries like the U.K. have already taken steps to address this issue by prohibiting drones from flying within certain distances of prisons. The U.S. National Institute of Justice has also warned about the evolving threat that drone technology poses to correctional facilities, as smugglers constantly find new and inventive ways to breach security measures.

### Conclusion: Balancing Security and Innovation

The use of drones to smuggle contraband into prisons is a symptom of a larger problem within the correctional system. While technological solutions can help in detecting and preventing such activities, there is also a need for a holistic approach that addresses the root causes of violence and drug use in prisons.

As we move forward, it is essential to strike a balance between security measures and innovative solutions to ensure the safety of both inmates and prison staff. By working together and staying ahead of the curve, we can create a safer and more secure environment within our correctional facilities.”



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