Brad Jacobs makes surprising move, leaves Team Carruthers to reunite with former Bottcher teammates

Brad Jacobs leaves Team Carruthers, joins former Bottcher teammates

“Brad Jacobs, the veteran skip, wasted no time in finding a new team after being a free agent. Joining forces with third Marc Kennedy, second Brett Gallant, and lead Ben Hebert for the upcoming season, Jacobs reunites with his former teammates from Brendan Bottcher’s squad in Alberta. This announcement was made by Kennedy on social media, expressing his excitement to play alongside a familiar face.

The Reunion of Champions

Jacobs and Kennedy previously played together from 2019-2022, achieving remarkable success by winning three consecutive Grand Slam titles in their first season as teammates. Their chemistry and skill on the ice were undeniable, making them a force to be reckoned with in the curling world.

Moving on from Past Partnerships

Jacobs’ decision to part ways with Reid Carruthers and his Manitoba-based curling team paved the way for this new opportunity. The timing coincidentally aligned with Bottcher’s departure from his team in Edmonton after a successful two-year run. Change is inevitable in the world of sports, and these shifts allow for fresh alliances and revitalized dynamics within the curling community.

A Journey of Reflection and Evolution

Reflecting on his time with his previous team, Jacobs expressed mixed emotions but also a sense of gratitude for the experience. The camaraderie, support, and friendship he experienced with Carruthers, Samagalski, Njegovan, and coach Meakin were invaluable, shaping his growth both on and off the ice.

Looking Ahead to New Horizons

As Jacobs embarks on this new chapter with Kennedy, Gallant, and Hebert, the possibilities for success and growth are endless. Their shared history and individual skills complement each other, creating a formidable team that is sure to make waves in the upcoming season.

In Conclusion

The world of competitive curling is ever-evolving, with players like Brad Jacobs continuously seeking new challenges and opportunities for growth. As fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming season, one thing is certain – the sport’s landscape will continue to shift and transform, showcasing the resilience and adaptability of its athletes. We wish Jacobs and his new team all the best in their future endeavors and look forward to witnessing their journey unfold on the ice.”



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