Arbitrary fines need to stop! Help us fight for freedom of the press


? | Help us fight for freedom of the press!
Rebel News videographer Guillaume Roy is fighting a charge issued during Quebec’s draconian COVID-19 lockdown. His crime? Telling a plainclothes officer they were arrogant. Help us put fight back against arbitrary fines meant to discourage press freedom!
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  1. You need to ensure that the fines cost the government more than they rake in. The fines must be countered with law suits for damages over and above their ticket prices. There is no law in Canada that says you cannot insult an officer – they are trained to remain reasonable and calm in adverse situations and if they can't accomplish that without blatantly snubbing the constitution, then they shouldn't be cops.

  2. Yes, another thing that wasn't meant to be used as a behavior and political correcting cattle prod. Fines were not meant to be a thing 'rulers' use to arbitrarily use to punish and reward opinions or factions or groups etc. yet, here we are.
    If they're not given out to 'BLM' and 'Hamas' or for that matter the Grannies for Somecause then used to punish Rebel news or some conservative then they have to be removed. Canada went so so very authoritarian and so nasty with whatever reminds of its former high-trust culture and rule of law. All things for new 'rulers' to tinker and use against enemies.

  3. Interesting stuff. THX! for translation. I wish the print was a little larger. It's interesting that the police officer warned your guy to step back from the police or crowd because I thought David Menzies went too far into the crowd too recently in Toronto.
    I see & hear the police have some concern too! Hmmm….
    Anyway interesting points brought up here.?? THX!


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