Alberta establishes permanent driver’s licence exchange program for Ukrainian refugees

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In a heartwarming and compassionate move by the Alberta government, a temporary initiative to exchange driver’s licenses for Ukrainian refugees has now been made permanent. This program, initially launched for a year, aimed to assist refugees in finding employment and supporting their families. And now, due to its remarkable success, the government has decided to extend this opportunity indefinitely.

**Benefits for Ukrainian Refugees**

The initiative allowed for the exchange of Ukrainian Category B or BE driver’s licenses without the need for additional testing. This means that Ukrainian evacuees can seamlessly transition to an Alberta Class 5 driver’s license, eliminating unnecessary barriers and providing them with the freedom to drive to work and integrate into their new communities.

**Alignment with Safety Standards**

The Alberta government reassures that Ukrainian driver’s licensing standards are at par with or exceed those of Alberta, making this exchange both convenient and safe. This move also falls in line with similar actions taken by several other provinces across Canada, showcasing a unified effort to support refugees in their time of need.


As the program takes effect on April 18, it signifies a strong message of solidarity and support for the Ukrainian evacuees who have faced unimaginable challenges. By easing their transition and providing them with essential tools like a driver’s license, Alberta is not just offering practical assistance but also a sense of belonging and acceptance to these newcomers. This initiative serves as a beacon of hope and showcases the power of communities coming together in times of crisis.



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