Watch now: Thrilling footage of man ‘surfing’ between SkyTrain cars sparks safety concerns

‘Extremely dangerous’: Viral video shows man ‘surfing’ between SkyTrain cars

“SkyTrain Stunt Goes Viral: The Dangerous Trend of Risky Behavior

A recent video of a man standing between two SkyTrain cars as he travels through Vancouver has sparked outrage and concern among authorities and the public. This dangerous stunt, which was shared on social media and quickly went viral, has prompted Metro Vancouver Transit Police to launch an investigation.

The Dangers of Seeking Social Media Fame

Const. Travis Blair of Metro Vancouver Transit Police has warned that while such stunts may attract attention and followers on social media, they are incredibly dangerous and could have severe consequences, including life-long injuries or even death. Riding, standing, or holding onto the exterior of a transit vehicle is not only against the law but also puts the person at risk of fines or criminal charges.

The Director of education at Media Smarts, Matthew Johnson, has highlighted that videos like these are often driven by the desire for attention, followers, or the potential for financial gain through sponsorships or advertising. However, the pursuit of online fame through risky behavior can have dangerous implications, particularly for young viewers who may be influenced to imitate such actions.

The Repeat Offenders and Legal Consequences

This recent SkyTrain stunt is not an isolated incident. In the past, there have been multiple cases of individuals engaging in risky behavior on public transportation or iconic landmarks in Vancouver. From riding atop the Canada Line to climbing the cables of construction cranes and standing on the Lions Gate Bridge’s towers, these ‘urban explorers’ have faced legal repercussions for their actions.

An Ongoing Issue that Demands Attention

The rise of social media has created a platform where risky behaviors are often rewarded with likes, shares, and followers. However, it is crucial to recognize the real-life dangers and consequences of engaging in such activities. It’s not just about breaking the law – it’s about prioritizing safety and responsible behavior in a world where the pursuit of online fame can sometimes cloud judgment.

In conclusion, as we navigate the digital age where social media plays a significant role in shaping behaviors and perceptions, it is essential to promote a culture of safety, responsibility, and respect both online and offline. The allure of social media fame should not outweigh the value of human life and well-being. Let’s raise awareness, educate our youth, and work together to prevent risky behaviors from becoming normalized in our society.”



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