Trudeau refuses to admit grocery costs


| Trudeau’s grocery bills have revealed extravagant and out-of-touch spending, which contradicts the financial realities of the average Canadian household and runs counter to his own flagship policies.
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  1. I like Rebel News. I like real news. You have lot of subscribers. I don't expect fox news cheerleaders, but a little class might help. You put a lot of people off when you don't even bother to try to look professional. The sweatshirt, tats, and blending into the background makes you look like an angry child. Your presentation, speech, and looks are perfectly fine. I think you should just do better than CBC and CTV, your stories already are. Clean up bit and you may end up where you should be. With major advertising.

  2. I think if he wants to eat like a king then if we have to pay anything it sb the amount for a family of himself and kids if they are there full time and he pays the rest. Enough of this horse crap he pulls.

  3. we use plastic bottles i mean paper oh wait we use our plastic water bottles.. and if he dares to use cardboard to put water in i will literally jump off the bottom step,,, grrrrrrrr And do Canadians spend 200,000 in 6 days for food on the plane. hes a disgusting man.

  4. I'm starving I've lost 20 lbs in a short period of time…
    Alot of elderly are…they are too proud to admit defeat caused by this government…

    I'm hungry but my choice is a roof or food…I choose a roof to starve under instead of being bullied and raped on the streets…

    Tell him my death is he's cause…

  5. No one marches for more taxes and less freedoms, no one in power really believes in climate change while drinking Starbucks , Tim hortons , or flying 3 times a week . No one in power believes any of what they are pushing, hoping you , the weak , the pathetic, do .. after all that’s what they think of you and I , they still call it a Vaccine and you still believe them.

  6. I read Trudeau spent $12,000.00 a month for groceries! Are we not paying for his soon to be ex-wife expenses too. He should be responsible for his children and ex wife not the taxpayers. Another thing why does he or any P.M. to come need a HUGH house like the one being rebuild. Turn this into several apartments to be shared for what ever party is in power so we the taxpayers don't have to pay for expenses houses for them.

  7. Trudeau is worse than Al Capone, at least Al Capone was convicted for his crimes. Trudeau is protected by the evil, corrupt, legal system and the crime syndicate RCMP.

  8. Paper water bottles????? When I was young and Canada's population was 2/3's the size we had to get rid of paper bags because cutting down all the tress would destroy the planet. Now we have way more people and they want to cut down way more trees? The Liberal stupidity never ends!

  9. I would love to know the last time and how often Trudeau manages to walk into a grocery store. He might’ve been in one for a photo op, we know he loves those but I don’t think he does the grocery shopping. I imagine someone in his entourage would even run into the gas station to get him a Gatorade if they were out and about. He has cooks, he has maids, he has people that do all these Munding every day things for him. And he’s always had these people in his life because he was born wealthy. He can’t understand what he has no knowledge of. And his buddies at Loblaws are probably telling him something else.

  10. Canadians can't afford this piece of crap. Dictator Trudeau is destroying the middle class and people are leaving Canada. This is what a communist dictator does to destroy a country.

  11. Not all government departments supply bottled water to staff.
    When I worked at CRA we used water coolers with 5 gallon bottles, which was paid for by the staff.
    The staff also paid for the coffee.
    In other words the staff did not receive any freebees from our employer, as it should be in all departments.


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