Tim Hortons apologizes for technical errors in Roll Up To Win promo, mistakenly telling customers they won $55K boat

Tim Hortons says 'technical errors' falsely told people they won $55K boat in Roll Up To Win promo

“A Technical Glitch: Tim Hortons Promises $55,000 Boat Prizes, Leaves Customers Disappointed”

In a surprising turn of events, Tim Hortons inadvertently gave its customers false hope of winning a $55,000 boat as part of its Roll Up To Win promotion. This technical error left many coffee drinkers across Canada feeling elated before crushing their spirits with the reality that it was all a mistake.

The Disappointing Revelation

Darren Stewart-Jones, a resident of Hamilton, excitedly opened an email from Tim Hortons that listed all the prizes he had supposedly won during the promotion. Among them was a prize that caught him off guard – a 2024 Tracker Targa 18 WT boat and trailer worth $55,000 CDN. His initial excitement quickly turned into confusion as he realized he had not received any confirmation emails for winning such a grand prize.

The Impact on Customers

Other participants like Chris Rivet from Edmonton had a similar experience, transitioning from winners to losers in mere minutes. Alanna O’Hoski from Hamilton expressed her disappointment, highlighting how the false promise of a life-changing prize was a gut punch during challenging times.

Potential Legal Action and Public Backlash

Following this debacle, participants are considering legal action, with some threatening a class-action lawsuit against Tim Hortons. The formation of a Facebook group with over 200 outraged members speaks volumes about the public backlash against the coffee chain. The repeated pattern of errors, including a previous incident where customers were falsely informed they had won $10,000, has eroded trust in the brand.

The Ethical Dilemma

Hamed Aghakhani, an associate professor of marketing at Dalhousie University, warned that while Tim Hortons’ terms and conditions may protect the company legally, failing to address these issues could severely damage its reputation over time. The public’s confidence in the brand is at stake, raising questions about the responsibility of corporations to rectify their mistakes and uphold consumer trust.

In conclusion, the incident with Tim Hortons serves as a reminder of the fine line between marketing promotions and ethical considerations. While technical errors can happen, it is crucial for companies to handle such situations transparently and responsibly to maintain the trust of their customers. As the fallout from this mishap continues, it remains to be seen how Tim Hortons will navigate this PR nightmare and rebuild its relationship with its loyal patrons.”



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