Stormy Daniels defies subpoena in Trump news, lawyers reveal

Trump news: Lawyers say Stormy Daniels refused subpoena

“Stormy Daniels Refuses Subpoena in Fiery Legal Battle with Trump”

Sub-heading: A Subpoena Showdown

In a dramatic showdown outside a bar in Brooklyn last month, Stormy Daniels, the porn actor expected to be a witness in former President Donald Trump’s criminal trial, refused to take a subpoena served by Trump’s legal team. The encounter, described by a process server as Daniels walking away without acknowledging the papers demanding information related to a documentary about her life and involvement with Trump, has sparked a month-long legal battle between the two parties.

Sub-heading: Legal Fireworks Continue

Trump’s lawyers are now pushing for Judge Juan M. Merchan to compel Daniels to comply with the subpoena, citing a photo of her walking away as evidence of the attempted service. However, Daniels’ attorney, Clark Brewster, has denounced the move as a “harassment and intimidation” tactic on the eve of the trial with no relevance to the case at hand.


As the trial unfolds, the tension between Trump and Daniels escalates, showcasing just a glimpse of the legal battles to come. With both parties digging in their heels, the fight for truth and justice becomes entangled in a web of subpoenas and legal maneuvers. The outcome of this clash remains uncertain, but one thing is clear – the stakes are high, and the truth is yet to be revealed. Stay tuned for more updates as this legal drama unfolds.”



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