New long-term care home for Mi’kmaq seniors opens in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia opens first long-term care home serving Mi’kmaq seniors - Halifax

“Nova Scotia is breaking ground by opening the first long-term care facility in a First Nations community within the province. Named Kiknu, which means ‘our home’ in Mi’kmaq, this 48-room facility in the Cape Breton Mi’kmaq community of Eskasoni is set to provide culturally responsive services to Mi’kmaq seniors from all across the province.

The Partnership and Purpose

Guided by the wisdom of Eskasoni elders, the design and care-management plan of Kiknu have been carefully crafted to meet the unique needs of the community. This innovative care home is a collaborative effort between the First Nation and private long-term care provider Shannex, symbolizing a partnership rooted in serving the community’s best interests.

Government Support and Community Impact

With Ottawa contributing $19.6 million and the province adding $11.6 million for the construction of this facility, the support from both levels of government highlights the importance of investing in indigenous communities’ healthcare needs. Residents are slated to move into Kiknu on April 23, marking a significant milestone in improving access to quality care for Mi’kmaq seniors.

A New Chapter in Healthcare Equity

As the first of its kind in Nova Scotia, the opening of Kiknu signifies a step towards achieving healthcare equity and culturally inclusive services for First Nations communities. By prioritizing cultural sensitivity and community involvement in the care process, Kiknu sets a precedent for future long-term care facilities to follow suit.

In conclusion, the establishment of Kiknu represents a beacon of hope for indigenous healthcare in Nova Scotia, illustrating the power of collaboration, cultural understanding, and government support in addressing healthcare disparities. This pioneering initiative not only benefits the Mi’kmaq community but also serves as a blueprint for promoting healthcare equity and inclusivity across diverse populations. The significance of Kiknu extends beyond its physical walls, embodying a transformative shift towards culturally responsive care that honors and uplifts indigenous voices in the healthcare landscape.”



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