Majority of Canadian youth see the dentist, but lack of insurance creates barriers


The number of Canadian youth, aged five to 17, who visited the dentist reached nearly 90 per cent in 2019, but a new report from Statistics Canada shows costs and lack of insurance is creating issues.

When it came to the insurance status of those making a visit, 93.1 per cent reported that they had insurance, while 78.5 per cent said they had no insurance. For those with a lower household income, visits to the dentist dropped by about 60 per cent.

As Sean Previl reports, dentists and hygienists say while it’s good to see a high number of youth visiting the dentist but more could still be done to boost those numbers— including early prevention of dental issues.

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  1. Look, if you can't afford children, don't have them! Not everyone has dental insurance, and I'm tired of my tax dollars going to those who I'm keeping alive! You breed them, you feed them ( and that includes dental care!

  2. Canada has the lowest amount of government assistance on dental care out of all 35 OECD countries. Within Canada, Ontario spends the least on dental assistance, at about 4%, and Nunavut at about 70%. Ontario is the absolute worst place in the industrialized world for someone with chronic dental problems, 7 less you’re lucky enough to have workplace insurance. Even the United .states has better dental coverage for lower income brackets than Canadians. This is a travesty, and there’s no good or justifiable reason for it. A national dental plan wouldn’t cost money, it would SAVE money by severely reducing the number of emergency room visits (approx. $600/visit) once dental problems reach their chronic stage. Prevention is much, much cheaper than an emergency root canal at 3 am.

  3. Insurance is the problem that’s what Ford is trying to back. That’s why he wants to privatize healthcare. The only person will have the only person but the biggest person that’s going to benefit from private healthcare are the insurance companies they’ve got Ford by the pocket


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