Linda Blade and April Hutchinson join forces to offer solutions to the crisis in women’s sports


Coach Linda Blade and powerlifter April Hutchinson teamed up in the border city of Lloydminster, Alberta, for a speaking engagement organized by podcaster Shaun Newman.

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  1. Women are still participating in Canadian powerlifting union events, so this must not be a problem for them. If women stopped participating this nonsense would stop immediately, the board would go away forever, and the cpu would go bankrupt and be replaced by a competitor that doesn't do this. Just walk away and start your own organization.

  2. Interesting observation… The video about Trudies groceries was published at the same time as this, but has 7 times more traffic… Women are to self absorbed and psychotic to understand why… As a social experiment,,, you should do a story about keeping women out of mens spaces. See how much traction it gets?


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