Jury finds 3 men guilty of mischief for Coutts border blockade


It didn’t come as a surprise to Marco Van Huigenbos, but it wasn’t the outcome he had hoped for.

Van Huigenbos, Alex Van Herk, and Gerhard Jazen were all convicted of mischief over $5,000 for their involvement in the Coutts border blockade.

“There was some hope that I would have received a more favourable verdict, but my expectations were that I wasn’t (going to),” Van Huigenbos told Global News outside the Lethbridge Courthouse.

The blockade shut down cross border traffic between Canada and the U.S. for two weeks in 2022, in protest of COVID-19 rules and restrictions.

Sarah Jones has more on the verdict and what happens next.

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  1. yeah..I agree..we need a new flag..when i see the maple leaf flying I just see protest..I got news for these guys..The pandemic sucked for everyone..the people in charge did the best they could …the majority of the world did the same…now the carbon tax..it sucks for everyone..but we have to do something..doing nothing is not an option..if you have a better idea please share it…change starts with the individuals..communities will follow..Now everyone go home and be nice to each other.

  2. an illegal blockade, is a violation of other people's rights to freedom of movement.

    You want to protest, go right ahead and protest, but you do NOT have the right to block other people's access along a public road or a border crossing, only law enforcement can do that, and even then under very specific reasons.

    But when you actively block others, you have crossed the line from protesting, to enforcing your own will over the free will of other people. You have actively taken the decision to violate other people's freedom of movement.

    Funny how these people always talk about "freedom", and yet they don't seem to care about violating everyone else's freedoms, only their own.
    So "Freedom" to them, means they should have the "freedom" to remove other people's freedoms.

    The only people who cheer this buffoon and the rest of the so called "Freedom" convoy idiots, are people who simply think they are above the law and somehow that the rules simply don't apply to them. The sense of entitlement is both astonishing as well as idiotic.


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