Government’s pro-drug agenda is a gateway to despair


Anti-drug campaigner warns Aussies of societal disarray if government moves to legalise illicit substances.

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  1. Brilliant conversation!!
    They will grind your bones to make their bread !!
    That’s the pharmaceutical industry! If It is naturally occurring in nature? It’s free for the taking anyone should be allowed to grow their own flowers ? but it is up to you to choose your poison including natural fermentation ?government control over the alcohol ? industry is dodgy as well?????? one might consider the breweries and distilleries are basically an old school pharmaceutical industry????????

  2. These "Pro-drug" agendas are just weeding out the weak minded, that cant control their own desires. Its something that has fallen out of the gene pool… WILL POWER is needed to over come this. Just because you CAN doesnt mean you SHOULD… "But. Im addicted" lol Uncle Sam will "help" you then…

  3. Meth is powerful sht. I spent about 3 years on it and at some point realized it just didn't do much for me anymore as far as how it made me feel. then I started looking up what it does with your brain and how after some time the only way you can enjoy anything, even eating your favorite food, you would need a stimulant. Then I started extending the amount of time in between use, even the last time going as long as a year. One day I was craving it big time after a year of no use. Couldn't shake it. I satisfied it but that was the last time.

  4. From someone that knows the system inside and out. The whole system needs to change. It's just a Money laundering Operation. unfortunately families are there to suffer Another way government hold control.

  5. My X started using ice after 20 years being together, he chose to keep using which added to our brake up, he could not tell the truth and started to sell everything he could get his hands on for the drugs ? so I left, he chosen drugs over our relationship

  6. Weed grows in the ground… makes drugs …… cannabis is not a drug……does more good than harm…….and to add id buy off the black market before thw government……this bald dude has absolutely no idea ……..

  7. "Australia has the highest amount of fr33m4s0ns per capita than anywhere else in the world" – Dr. Selwyn Stevens
    Watch The Simpsons stone cutters episode, grandpa Abe pulls out elk, m4s0n, communist, president of the gay and lesbian alliance membership cards. Homer admits all they do is drink.
    Don't blame pothead millennials for not wanting to partake in blood rituals punishable by death. Calling some guy master as the boys stand on your neck, nathanks.

  8. This guy is a f*cking IDIOT. It’s the ILLEGALITY of drugs that has caused the exponential rise in criminals involved in pushing drugs AND the exponential rise in drug use!
    This is blatantly obvious when you look at the statistics…and even using common sense should tell you that handing control of these substances to the WORST people in society, and the obscene profits they generate, is a recipe for disaster. The US experience of alcohol prohibition was a disaster that killed loads of people unnecessarily AND led to the rise of the MAFIA.
    But did the US learn their lesson? NO! Of COURSE not!
    They went and did it all over again, and look what it’s led to over there….evil Mexican drug gangs that control entire swathes of that benighted country, and a US Govt that reneges on its responsibility to keep their citizens safe.
    Banning never works…it’s just makes things FAR worse.
    The so-called “War On Drugs” has been a nightmare for ordinary people, a crime against humanity.

  9. The plants should be freely accessible, the pharmaceutical drugs should be heavily controlled by the state.
    Making the pharmaceutical drugs freely accessible is as criminal as forcing vaccines on people.


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