Georgia’s “foreign agents” bill sparks protests as parliament approves first reading


On Wednesday, Georgia’s parliament approved the first reading of a controversial “foreign agents” bill, which has sparked days of protests and has been compared to Russian legislation used by the Kremlin to crack down on dissent.

“No argument statements won’t make us rethink these decisions. This is why, once again, I offer them to start open discussions,” Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze said.

Meanwhile, the bill provoked days of protests and even resulted in a fight between lawmakers in Georgia, particularly during a session of parliament as the ruling party looked set to move forward with the bill.

The bill must pass two more readings before becoming law. However, the European Union has expressed concerns that the legislation could stifle freedoms and block the country’s path to membership.

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  1. So Canada is all right with foreign governments interfering in a country's domestic politics. Is that right? If so, then what are the hearings in Ottawa all about?

  2. So ridiculous. The US has a foreign agents law. Why would any country allow foreign funded organisations operate within their borders and interfere with their internal affairs with no trace or accountability.

  3. What is unclear about FOREIGN agents? The legislation, officially known as the bill ‘On the Transparency of Foreign Influence’, was backed by 83 members of the 150-member chamber. They are obviously referring to western sponsored rainbow flag ngo's , eu and other foreign reprobates hence the criticism on this law from the eu.

  4. Russia pulling Georgia in to line, it appears it will pass this time, Putin needs a win.Putin does not want the EU in Georgia and you can be sure deals are done with officals to make sure the EU is out and Russia is in..bit like Belarus..

  5. Lots of talk, but no actual description of the law, which as I understand it, simply requires NGOs and other entities who receive more than 20% of their funding from foreign sources to register as “foreign agents.” It sounds as much like a U.S. law as it does a Russian one. I hope the Georgian people might stay free of undue influence from the U.S., the EU, The Russian Federation, or anyone else. This looks too much like pre-war Ukraine, with all the CIA, et al, hijinks, if you ask me. I think I even saw Ukrainian flags in the hands of some protestors who were also waving around a lot of EU flags. Not a good sign. Outsiders are messing with internal affairs, I fear. Be careful Georgians, don’t become pawns – you see what happened to Ukraine.


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