Discover the incredible story of the man who has spent 30 years living in Stanley Park

Meet the man who’s lived 30 years in Stanley Park

“Meet Christenson Bailey, the man who has called Vancouver’s Stanley Park home for over three decades. In the heart of the forest, hidden away near a walking trail, sits his humble campsite. Tarps strung between trees create a makeshift shelter, housing his artwork, music instruments, and flowers. This is his sanctuary, his haven of creativity. But beyond the tranquility lies a story of resilience, survival, and a deep connection to nature.

The Journey to Stanley Park:

Born in 1949, Bailey’s life journey led him from Montreal to Europe, eventually bringing him to Stanley Park in 1990. Drawn to the combination of ocean and forest, he found solace in the serene surroundings of the park. What started as a quest for self-development turned into a three-decade-long sojourn in the wilderness.

Living in Harmony with Nature:

Bailey’s presence in the park has not gone unnoticed. Park rangers and police officers have been aware of his campsite since the beginning. Despite challenges like severe weather events and the recent tree infestation, Bailey has strived to live in harmony with nature. His simple lifestyle, devoid of modern luxuries, is a reflection of his respect for the environment.

A Unique Perspective:

Over the years, Bailey has formed relationships with law enforcement officers tasked with monitoring the park. Despite initial apprehensions, mutual trust developed between him and the authorities. Bailey’s story sheds light on a different side of homelessness and pushes us to reconsider preconceived notions about those living on the margins of society.

Leaving a Legacy:

As Bailey nears the age of 74, he faces the reality of leaving his long-time home in Stanley Park. The landscape has changed, and the time has come for a new chapter. His legacy of art, music, and stories will remain intertwined with the trees and paths of the park.

In the midst of urban life, Bailey’s tale serves as a reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the deep connection we share with the natural world. As he bids farewell to his forest home, we are left to ponder the impact of his presence and the lessons we can learn from his unconventional way of life. Christenson Bailey, Stanley Park’s longest resident, leaves behind a legacy of creativity, resilience, and a deep appreciation for the beauty of the natural world.”



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