Discover endless blue skies with the new Calgary brand!

Nothin' but blue skies in the new Calgary brand

“The Clouds Parted: Calgary’s Bold Rebranding as Blue Sky City”

In a city where the red hue has long dominated the landscape, Calgary has decided to paint itself blue. The Calgary Economic Development (CED) recently announced the city’s new brand as “Blue Sky City,” a departure from the previous slogan “Be Part of the Energy.” This shift signifies a new era for Calgary, embracing the blue skies that grace the city 333 days a year.

The Unveiling of Blue Sky City

The unveiling of the new brand took place at an event called “Report to the Community,” presented by WestJet and TELUSBusiness. This event celebrated Calgary’s past and looked towards its promising future. The shift to Blue Sky City marks a significant change for a city known for its red associations, such as the Calgary Flames, Stampeders, and the iconic Peace Bridge.

Embracing Inclusivity and Hope

The rebranding effort emphasizes inclusivity and hope for all residents of Calgary. By reaching out to a wide range of community groups, including immigrant, 2SLGBTQ+, and Indigenous communities, the city aims to create a sense of unity under the common sky. An important aspect of the new brand is acknowledging past issues of racism and marginalization and working towards a more inclusive future.

Despite Challenges, the Blue Sky Returns

While the blue skies of Calgary may be a defining feature of the city, it’s important to remember that challenges like wildfires and snow can temporarily dim that sky. The resilience and optimism of Calgary residents shine through in times of struggle, keeping faith that the blue sky will always return.

A New Identity for Calgary

The transition to Blue Sky City may not be without its critics and skeptics, as rebranding efforts often are. However, Calgary’s leaders are determined to fully embrace this new identity and infuse it into the fabric of the city. The future holds endless possibilities for Calgary as it navigates this new chapter.

In conclusion, Calgary’s rebranding as Blue Sky City symbolizes a fresh start for the city, highlighting its resilience, inclusivity, and optimism. While the road ahead may have its challenges, the blue sky serves as a reminder of the bright future that lies ahead for this dynamic city.”



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