Brooke Henderson from Canada makes her debut at the first major of the women’s golf season

Canada's Brooke Henderson tees it up at first major of women's golf season

“Riding high on success, Canadian golfer Brooke Henderson is determined to keep her winning streak alive at the Chevron Championship. With four top 10 finishes in the bag already, Henderson’s eyes are set on the prize as she heads into the first major of the season.

**Henderson’s Momentum**

Brooke Henderson, hailing from Smiths Falls, Ontario, has been dominating the LPGA Tour scene with consistent top performances in the first seven tournaments of the year. Her unwavering focus on the leaderboard has secured her no worse than a tie for 27th place, setting the stage for what could be a groundbreaking season for the young golfer.

**Preparation and Determination**

Moving the Chevron Championship to The Club at Carlton Woods in Texas has presented a new challenge for Henderson. With her sister Brittany by her side as her caddy, Henderson made it a point to familiarize herself with the course early on, ensuring she knows every nook and cranny to make those crucial birdie shots when it counts.

**A Look to the Future**

Although Henderson’s 2023 season ended on a somewhat disappointing note, she has shown immense growth and determination in the new year. With a handful of top finishes under her belt already, Henderson is eager to claim the top spot once again and solidify her place in the winner’s circle.

**A New Chapter for Canadian Golfers**

Alongside veteran Henderson, rookie talent Savannah Grewal is making her mark in the golfing world, embarking on her first major tournament. The young Mississauga native brings fresh energy and enthusiasm to the game, showing that the future of Canadian golf is bright and promising.

In conclusion, as Canadian golfers like Brooke Henderson and Savannah Grewal continue to make waves on the international stage, it’s evident that the landscape of women’s golf is evolving. From seasoned pros to up-and-coming rookies, the Canadian golfing scene is thriving, setting the stage for an exciting and competitive season ahead.”



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