BAD NEWS: Jury convicts the Coutts Three


| Robert Kraychik from Rebel News reports on the guilty verdicts for all Coutts Three defendants – Marco Van Huigenbos, George Janzen, and Alex Van Herk – on the charge of mischief over $5,000. This story still isn’t over, though.
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  1. All political. The jury can swallow their own verdict when they themselves lose their right to a peaceful protest or their liberty is cut once this corrupt government takes away the rest of the Canadians’ freedom

  2. Biden is a weak old man. Who is running this office? It is not Biden. They try to keep him hidden from the public. The man does not have the abillity to make decisions that affect the American's or the world.

  3. Let's be honest here…. did anyone really think it be any different? Cmon ppl, know your enemy. These corrupt judges and prosecutors should all be ashamed of themselves and embarrassed.

  4. The West is lost. We have proven ourselves to be incapable of Liberty. Millions of our fellow citizens clamor to be enslaved by government. Well, millions clamor to enslave their fellows.

  5. If the judge is going to use commonsense then the judge will consider they have been locked up for a good while and consider time already served and allow them to go free .
    Personally it's a clear stich up and they should fight it .


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