ArriveCan contractor grilled in House of Commons in rare public admonishment


Rachel Aiello joins Vassy Kapelos to discuss the historic moment in the House of Commons after a contractor for the ArriveCan app faced questions from members of parliament.

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  1. Canadians have been terrorized and some imprisoned over the last three years, does anyone in the Liberal government take their mental health into consideration? I Think not!

  2. If an individual is medically incapable of bearing the pressures accountability (I'll accept that that's a thing) why are they being entrusted with decision making authority such that it's possible for them to spend $1 million of taxpayer funds, let alone $60 million? Someone made a decision to empower/enable this process. Who?

    What really eats me about this whole affair isn't that a contractor acted inappropriately, it's that an air gap exists between leadership and the functional realities of the organizations lead. Our leaders genuinely do not understand what they are leading.

  3. This is so disgusting and disturbing. How was he not on jail. He was not remorseful and seems cocky . Zero give a F’s but this clown. Was asked if he is ashamed for stealing money essentially … He smirked and asked if he even had to answer. Ppl like him have this entitled attitude. This is sadly only the tip of the Liberal iceberg


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