Alpine Canada | Breaking News: Find out Alpine Canada’s Response to Federal Budget 2024


“Alpine Canada Alpin (ACA) Hails Boost in Federal Funding for Canadian Athletes in Budget 2024

In a remarkable step forward, Alpine Canada Alpin (ACA) celebrates the recent injection of new federal funding for Canadian athletes announced in Budget 2024. The increased funding aims to assist athletes in managing the significant costs associated with training, while also recognizing their invaluable contributions within and beyond the sports system.

Federal Funding Allocation Overview

ACA expresses gratitude for the federal government’s decision to allocate $16 million over a two-year period for the Sport Support Program, $10.6 million for the Future of Sport in Canada Commission, and $15 million to support community sport programming. These investments are crucial in supporting the development and success of Canadian athletes on both national and international platforms.

The Need for Additional Core Funding

Despite these positive developments, ACA highlights a crucial oversight in the allocation of funding. The absence of additional core funding for National Sport Organizations (NSOs) fails to address the existing $125 million deficit in the system. This deficit, if left unattended, will ultimately impact participants who rely on the infrastructure and support provided by NSOs. Without enhanced NSO support, the sustainability and growth of the sport system in Canada are at risk.

Advocacy for Enhanced Support

Looking ahead, ACA commits to collaborating with the Canadian Olympic Committee and the Canadian Paralympic Committee to engage with the federal government and advocate for the essential investments required to maintain a well-resourced sport system in Canada. It is imperative that these needed investments are made to ensure that Canadian athletes have the necessary resources and support to achieve their full potential on the global stage.


As we reflect on the recent developments in funding for Canadian athletes, it is clear that there is still work to be done to ensure the long-term sustainability and success of the sport system in Canada. By continuing to advocate for enhanced support for NSOs and investing in the future of Canadian athletes, we can create a more robust and inclusive sporting environment for all. Together, we can build a legacy of excellence that benefits athletes and communities across the country.”



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