Air Canada introduces inaugural Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL) Fan Flight before playoffs

Air Canada Launches First-Ever Professional Women's Hockey League (PWHL) Fan Flight, Ahead of Playoffs

“Air Canada Soars with PWHL Fan Flight Program”

In a groundbreaking move, Air Canada has taken its support for women’s hockey to new heights by becoming the Inaugural Premier Partner of the PWHL and Official Airline to the First 6 Teams. This partnership symbolizes the airline’s commitment to championing gender equality in sports and celebrating the league’s dedicated fans.

The Excitement of PWHL Fan Flight Program

The introduction of the Fan Flight program for the PWHL marks a significant milestone in bringing young fans closer to the action. By providing the opportunity to cheer on their favorite teams in person during the PHWL Finals, Air Canada is fostering a deeper connection between fans and the sport they love.

“We’re thrilled to launch the PWHL edition of our beloved Fan Flight program,” said Andy Shibata, Vice President at Air Canada. “This initiative not only showcases our passion for hockey but also highlights our ongoing commitment to supporting women in sports.”

Highlighting the Impact of the Partnership

The partnership between Air Canada and PWHL has already made waves in the sports world, with record-breaking attendance at games and a sold-out crowd of enthusiastic fans. The PWHL Finals promise to be a thrilling event, and the Fan Flight program adds an extra layer of excitement for passionate fans.

“We’re grateful for Air Canada’s support in giving fans the chance to experience the excitement of live PWHL games,” said Jayna Hefford, Senior Vice-President, Hockey Operations, PWHL. “This partnership demonstrates the positive influence brands can have in promoting women’s sports and empowering female athletes.”

Encouraging Fan Engagement

With the opportunity to nominate young PWHL fans for a chance to win a spot on the Fan Flight program, Air Canada is encouraging fan engagement and creating unforgettable experiences for deserving fans. The online contest provides a platform for fans to show their support and passion for women’s hockey.

A Revelation in Women’s Sports

The partnership between Air Canada and PWHL is a testament to the growing recognition and support for women’s sports on a global scale. By expanding its initiatives to include professional women’s hockey, Air Canada is setting a new standard in promoting diversity and equality in sports.

As the PWHL continues to make strides in the world of women’s hockey, the partnership with Air Canada serves as a powerful reminder of the impact that collaboration and support can have on athletes and fans alike. By championing gender equality and creating opportunities for fan engagement, Air Canada is paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse sporting landscape. Through initiatives like the Fan Flight program, the sky’s the limit for women in sports, and the journey is just beginning.



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