Why is Benjamin Netanyahu opposed to a two-state solution?


Fighting has been reported in regions across Gaza today Israeli forces are operating in the southern city of canun where dozens of people have reportedly been killed the Israeli military and Hamas Fighters are battling in several places including in jabalia in the north and other areas around the Gaza Strip

Gaza’s Health Ministry says 178 Palestinians have been killed in the past 24 hours marking one of the deadliest days of the war so far joining me now to discuss the most recent developments is Danny Bellow international relations professor at Webster Carlton University hi there thanks so much for being with

Us hello Mara despite opposition from allies like the United States as well as the United Nations Benjamin Netanyahu is doubling down on his rejection of a two-state solution why is he against what so many see as the only way for some peace in the region well well based on what we’ve

Heard so far uh coming from Netanyahu himself as well as some of his political allies uh there seems to be a lack of trust that any uh sort of statehood um given to the Palestinians right now uh would provide guarantees uh in terms of security for Israel So currently um it

Seems that nepan is operating exactly under that mindset that Israel has to be able to provide its own security um as netan said west of Jordan and um only once that’s guaranteed Netanyahu can move forward potentially with any alternative um sort of um uh way forward towards uh

Autonomy what are alternative options if Palestinians are not able to self-govern what happens well in terms of uh self-government that’s a core principle in terms of the international law and so on so um but clearly what we’re seeing is uh Israeli operation targeting um terrorist hubs and only once uh these

Terrorist hubs are eliminated uh Israel would be able to move forward in in terms of any sort of civilianized agreement uh with any pales but clearly Hamas um in terms of what Israel wants Hamas should not be part of that equation we can’t forget the hostages and there were reports earlier this

Morning of Hamas putting forward a an idea that if the fighting stopped they would release the hostages what do you see as the fate of those people who are still being held by Hamas and Gaza in terms of the hostages um this is a very tough situation um for the

Families and we’ve seen um the families and U many people in Israel protesting and wanting to recover the hostages uh the very likely scenario is that any sort of Hostage agreement moving forward will happen to be mediated by an external party as we’ve seen it done uh

In in the previous iteration so what we should be hopeful towards is uh some sort of mediated agreement U between U Hamas uh who’s responsible for these hostages currently and their well-being and Israel that wants to recover them so we’re likely to see uh if the hostages

Return home it’s likely going to be through an external party that will facilitate that um Dan Danny Bellow thank you so much for your time with us today

International relations professor Dani Belos discusses the opposition seen for a two-state solution by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

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