Objectway, leading Italian financial software provider, acquires Canada’s Nest Wealth

Italian financial software provider Objectway acquires Canada’s Nest Wealth

“Objectway Group Expands North American Presence with Nest Wealth Acquisition

Italian financial software provider, Objectway Group, has made a strategic move to enhance its presence in North America with the acquisition of Canadian digital wealth manager, Nest Wealth Holdings Inc. This acquisition marks a significant milestone for both companies and raises questions about the impact on the Canadian fintech market and the future of digital wealth management.

Acquisition Details and National Bank’s Involvement

Objectway’s acquisition includes 100 per cent of Nest Wealth, as well as the minority shares previously held by National Bank of Canada. Nest Wealth founder and CEO, Randy Cass, stated that the deal was attractive for all shareholders, without disclosing specific financial details. Notably, National Bank had initially invested in Nest Wealth in 2017 through its venture capital arm, and later expanded its commercial agreement with an additional investment in 2020.

The Future of Nest Wealth Under Objectway

Despite the acquisition, Cass and all 80 Nest Wealth employees will continue with the company, with no immediate plans to alter the Nest Wealth brand. However, Objectway’s global presence may lead to the integration of its brand into North America, offering potential benefits for all parties involved. Objectway CEO, Luigi Marciano, highlighted the acquisition as a significant milestone in the company’s growth and global expansion strategy, with plans to broaden its market presence in North America.

Impact on Canadian Fintech Market and Expansion Opportunities

Nest Wealth’s history as one of Canada’s first robo-adviser businesses, combined with Objectway’s global software services, raises implications for the evolution of the Canadian fintech market. The acquisition could expand Objectway’s services by offering Nest Wealth’s products to its existing and new customers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. This expansion may present new opportunities for growth and innovation in the North American and global fintech landscape.

Nest Wealth’s Evolution and Impact on Canadian Wealth Management

Nest Wealth’s journey from a robo-adviser to partnering with traditional wealth management companies and servicing some of Canada’s largest financial institutions speaks to the company’s evolution and impact on the Canadian wealth management sector. The acquisition by Objectway brings advanced financial solutions to Canadian financial institutions, potentially elevating the entire fintech ecosystem in Canada.


The acquisition of Nest Wealth by Objectway is a significant development in the Canadian fintech landscape, with implications for both companies and the broader market. As Objectway expands its presence in North America, the integration of Nest Wealth’s products and services may bring new opportunities and advancements to the global fintech industry. The impact of this acquisition on the Canadian financial sector remains to be seen, but it undoubtedly signals a new era for digital wealth management and financial technology.”



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