Montreal meeting of liberal cabinet focuses on economics and affordability

Liberal cabinet meets in Montreal to discuss economics, affordability

The Canadian Government’s Focus on Attracting International Grocers to Drive Down Food Prices

In a bid to address the growing concerns about the rising cost of living in Canada, Industry Minister François-Philippe Champagne revealed the government’s plan to attract new international grocers to the country during the upcoming cabinet retreat in Montreal. The goal is to bring more competition into the grocery sector, in order to drive down food prices.

Importance of Competition in the Grocery Industry

A significant issue that is affecting Canadians is the high food inflation rate, which stood at close to five percent in December. This is well above the overall inflation rate, which was reported at 3.4 percent. Champagne emphasized that addressing this problem will require introducing more competition into the industry. He pointed out that currently, just five companies dominate over 80 percent of the grocery market in Canada.

Efforts by the Government to Address High Prices

Champagne indicated that recent changes to Canada’s competition laws have made the country more appealing to foreign grocers. The adjustments include more flexibility in imposing restrictions on leases that have historically prevented competition near existing grocery stores. The government is optimistic that these efforts will lead to more choices for consumers and ultimately help in stabilizing food prices.

Concerns Over the Government’s Performance

Despite the government’s efforts to tackle the issue of affordability, there is growing discontent among Canadians, as reflected in the polls, which show a declining approval rating for the federal Liberals. The upcoming cabinet meeting aims to address these concerns and restore public confidence in the government’s ability to provide relief from the rising cost of living.

Economic Challenges on the Horizon

The government’s focus on affordability comes against the backdrop of warnings from economists about a potential recession in Canada in 2024. There is a growing sense of unease among Canadians, with concerns about job security and the impact of higher mortgage rates. The looming economic challenges place additional pressure on the government to deliver effective policies that will mitigate the impact on citizens.

Uncertainty Surrounding Interest Rates and Housing

The decisions of the Bank of Canada regarding interest rates are expected to play a significant role in shaping the economic landscape in 2024. Meanwhile, the housing market is also a key point of discussion, with concerns about the shortage of homes relative to the growing immigrant population. Solutions to address this imbalance will be a critical part of the ongoing cabinet deliberations.


As the Canadian government grapples with the pressing issue of affordability and economic stability, the upcoming cabinet retreat holds significant importance. The focus on attracting international grocers to drive down food prices is a step in the right direction, but the government will need to address a range of challenges, including economic uncertainties and the housing shortage. The decisions made at the retreat will have a lasting impact on the lives of Canadians and the overall direction of the country’s economy.



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