Highway 97 near Monte Lake closed due to crash – avoid traffic delays!

Crash closes Highway 97 near Monte Lake

“Highway 97 Near Monte Lake Closed Again Due to Vehicle Incident

Once again, the busy Highway 97 near Monte Lake has been closed due to a serious vehicle incident, causing major disruptions for commuters traveling between Kamloops and Vernon. The closure spans both directions, between Barnhartvale Road and Duck Range Road, approximately eight kilometers east of Monte Creek.

Detours and Alternatives in Effect

For those affected by the closure, a detour has been put in place on Barnhartvale Road, Highway 1, Highway 97A, and Highway 97B. While the closures may cause inconvenience and delays, these alternative routes are essential for ensuring the safety and smooth flow of traffic.

Tragic History on the Highway

Unfortunately, this recent closure comes after a tragic head-on crash near Monte Lake last week, resulting in the loss of four lives and leaving another in critical condition. The devastating incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers and risks associated with traveling on highways, particularly at high speeds.

The Need for Safety and Caution

Incidents like these highlight the urgent need for drivers to prioritize safety and adhere to road regulations, including speed limits and traffic rules. While infrastructure and traffic management play a significant role, individual responsibility remains crucial in preventing accidents and maintaining the safety of all road users.

Conclusion: Promoting Safety and Awareness

As the closures on Highway 97 continue to disrupt travel plans and daily routines, it is essential for authorities and drivers alike to work towards a collective goal of safety and awareness. By understanding the risks, respecting road laws, and staying informed about changing traffic conditions, we can all contribute to making our highways safer for everyone. Let us use this recent incident as a sobering reminder of the importance of caution and responsibility while traveling, and strive to promote a culture of safety and awareness on our roadways.”



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