‘F you Klaus Schwab, and F your New World Order’: Comedian’s WEF satire goes viral


You mentioned that the biggest threat to a cohesive and sustainable world was security Mr Schwab I’m sorry but the biggest threat to the world is the fake stream news media and the second biggest threat to the world is this very organization the world economic Forum which is the Communist party that was

Not elected by the people and that’s why I keep telling you y’all should go yourself Dre Huffer here with Rebel news and as many of you know we sent a stellar team of journalists for the second year in a row to Davos Switzerland to be your eyes and ears

Outside of the world economic forums annual meeting you know that place where oligarchs and unelected officials and political Powers come together to talk about your future and my future of I don’t know eating bugs and owning nothing and being happy our special website called wfre reports.com has some

Of the great interviews that have been there over the last couple of years whether it be Greta tumberg or this year the president of the Bill emelinda Gates Foundation and more so you can go there after this report and you can even chip in a few bucks to help us cover some of

The modest expenses it took to be your eyes and the ears there but today I bring you another report about a video that’s gone viral related to the 2024 wef annual meeting and that is a video from comedian Damon immani who who says a lot to CL swab well in a satire

Let’s take a look and I appreciate the world economic Forum providing me the opportunity to be on this stage and say you CLA Schwab and you New World Order we the people were born free we will stay free and you and all of your globalist friends including everyone in

This room can go yourself well you won’t see an interview like that on the state back media because the state is in Cahoots with the wef well according to CLA Schwab anyways actually this um notion to integrate young leaders is part of the world economic War since many years what we are very

Proud of now as the Young Generation like prime minister Trudeau um president of of Argentina and so on said we penetrates the cabinets so yes I was on a re at a reception for Prime ministero and I would know that half of this cabinet or even more half of half

Of this cabinet are for our actually young global leaders of the world eform you mentioned that the biggest threat to a cohesive and sustainable world was security Mr Schwab I’m sorry but the biggest threat to the world is the fake stream news media and the second biggest

Threat to the world is this very organization the world economic Forum which is the Communist party that was not elected by the people and that’s why I keep telling y y’all should go yourself well that was Denmark’s Damon ammani a comedian saying a lot of things

Many of you would want to say I’m sure to the James Juan villain type founder of the world economic Forum himself klouse swab thanks for being on Rebel news Damon thanks for having me now a lot of people sent me your video uh some people obviously sent it

Because they thought it was hilarious others sent it because they thought it was real it’s so well edited but uh just for the viewers it is satire tell us a little bit about the vision behind why did you want to do this satire piece in specific for the

Wef well I do a lot of content like that I uh watch the news so you don’t have to then not react to it like the good old days when people watch television then uh they could just you know watch someone say something and you have a

Certain thought about it or you express your opinion literally to the screen right so uh what I do is I watch people talk uh and if there’s something I have a comment or a thought about it I just record myself literally responding to it

And um I have the skills to make it look entertaining and smooth that’s basically it trust has been eroding in recent years which is why this week’s meeting on rebuilding trust has been so important rebuilding trust with whom exactly I’m sorry I’m going to let you

Finish but here’s the thing as far as the public opinion is concerned they don’t trust you and they know will because they didn’t elect you and here’s the thing while we add it Epstein didn’t kill himself and there are probably people in this very forum who were

Clients of it it looks really smooth now very easily I found comments that were very supportive of it I’m just going to read a few of them uh one person here says finally a man with guts thank you sir I’m assuming they thought it was real who knows uh another says my hero

Uh said from the heart expressing millions of people’s views of the WF and another one here if something happens to this man we will know who’s responsible um so again a lot of support coming out there tell us a little bit about what’s happened to you because you

Had some followers before but you’ve seen a huge spike in growth tell us about the growth you’ve had since publishing that video and what’s your impression about the support and and the people who are really just happy that you did it right so uh two points the

Support and the growth with the support I’m actually surprised because I have done this type of videos uh for a while and I have received uh negative messages too so you know you have people who support your content and then you have usually the type of content that I make

There are a lot of liberals old people from the left uh who don’t like it um but with this one it was different because again I’ve received a lot of messages and the ones that I could read it’s all positive and I’m surprised so it looks like the world economic

Forum is just not liked by the people because I I have a hard time even understanding someone having an argument about it like what would your argument be hey what are you doing this you know we want class show up we want these people who we didn’t elect to you know

Speak for us and change our future you know uh make us pay a carbon TX because we’re breathing so I’m I’m pretty amazed because it’s been it’s been just positive and uh about the growth I’ve gained I’ve basically doubled my my my my audience

And I’m happy for that um and I think a lot of people downloaded the content and re-uploaded it to other platforms so I’m I’m getting taged from from many different countries in all these videos people have comments about it and uh so yeah that’s how how it’s been absolutely

Now you mentioned how it appears that many people across the world and I would agree are sort of waking up to the W in Canada it’s almost like there’s two parallel uh universes you have the people who are like no we don’t want these people sort of encroaching on our

Sovereignty here and then you have others who a say what is the WF or automatically think you’re a conspiracy theorist what can you say um is sort of the the feeling of what’s happening with the WF from a Denmark perspective what are the people there thinking so I don’t

Know basically um I don’t follow uh what’s happening in Denmark um but as you know it’s Denmark is a pretty a liberal country and U usually Europe in general the governments do support people like CL Schwab and the world economic Forum they attend the meetings

Uh um but yeah and listen I have had I’ve talked to people in real life I mean in Denmark people around me not everyone is political but I’m surprised there are so many people that don’t even know about world economic forum so I think that’s something interesting

Because the way these people operate it just looks like you know I was talking to someone I compared it to a internet Forum you know there are internet forums everywhere people go there they talk about things you know they they they ask questions they answer questions but this is the only Forum that’s

Physical and they are powerful people from different Industries and from different governments who come together and uh figure out how or what is right and what is wrong and we should J and and they don’t they don’t even like it’s it’s no one knows about it it’s it’s pretty

Amazing well CLA swab himself has bragged about penetrating different cabinets of governments across the country and he’s especially proud and named our prime minister Justin Trudeau out here oh TR we’re definitely uh yeah we’re definitely that’s why we sent a team of reporters to get their boots on

The ground and ask the questions the public deserve to the wef now I’m going to play another clip here this is sort of your followup your response to that first video that went viral uh you’re giving an apology of sorts and you’re also using a name for the world economic

Forum that I haven’t heard be used before let’s play that clip and so yesterday I stood on this stage and said some things that I should not have said but we all deserve a second chance so I would like to apologize to absolutely no one none of

You were elected to show us how we should live our lives all of you mother took your private jets to show up to this meeting so Don’t lecture us about the environment I ain’t eating bugs you can’t eat these nuts and once again you and your fake climate agenda can go

Too funny the black eye was such a good touch there now you call the world economic for the Communist party that nobody’s elected I see you’ve said said that before tell us why because they are I mean again as I said it’s it’s a internet form that’s it’s a physical

Form that’s too powerful and uh with no one elected them and you know comparing them to a party because that’s why they are like they can literally I mean they talk about ideas you know the ideas they have so many extreme stuff they talk about but they actually have the power

To bring that to the to the to the real world and affect our lives and uh you know and you can’t do anything about it because because the are these are just Rich powerful people who get together and just do it so I can only compare that to to a Communist party because

It’s the same you know people have nothing to say it’s just the government so I see them as a government now we’ve talked a lot about the support you’ve got for these last videos but in the past you’ve been penalized in particular by big Tech uh for some of your work and

Also more recently with the WF uh reports you’re getting fact checks even by USA Today tell us a little bit about some of the backlash you’ve had for your satire pieces and a little update on what’s going on or what happened with the USA Today Yeah so basically as you

Have seen what I do with the satires I bring some facts to the table again I watch these people talk and because the this this this TV shows and you know World economic Forum they have they only have guests that agree with them especially the TV shows they never

Invite anyone who disagrees with them so again I have the power to actually say what I want put myself in there bend the reality and make them hear the truth right and uh what I find interesting about the fact checks they they never mention my points they only talk about you know

They write write a piece and they say this didn’t happen but they never quote anything I said in the video or or focus on what was said and how I I responded to it because I assume they know that it’s true whatever I I respond and uh with the world economic Forum

Again like you mention USA Today they uh fact check it uh it didn’t happen they they so the guy wrote to me their journalist wrote to me so do you have any comment no this is your video I see you make ctitical videos do you have

Any comment for for people and I said basically yeah my the the heart of my message is that world economic forum is a communist Global party that was not elected by the by the people of Earth that was my message the guy saw a message I tweeted about it I have the

Receipts he saw a message then after 22 hours nearly a day so they had the whole day to include that to the to in the article uh they went ahead published the article article and they added a part saying that uh we wrote to the to the

Creator or the person sharing the post and he didn’t respond to our message and when I tweeted about it he got caught because he was lying and that’s nothing new that’s uh as I told you in the in our DMS that’s something I leave with because that’s just the reality of the

Left but yes so when he got caught he made a tweet saying oh uh we wrote to someone else someone who shared the post we wanted to know his comment so he tried to Gaslight what you mean with that why did you write to me and that’s

What I asked so I saw his post I literally replied to his post and I said so again why did you ask for my comments the creator of the content and you did didn’t include it then uh he went private so I can’t even go to his

Profile anymore so but again that’s what they are that’s the reality of uh of the mainstream media there’s a saying it says propaganda doesn’t lie to the people it convinces the people to lie to themselves that’s what came to mind when I saw what you posted on Twitter where

They said he didn’t immediately respond and within an hour you respond and it’s like oh no we’re not trying to talk to the creator of the video we’re trying to talk to someone else makes no sense well um we’ll be putting this interview up on our website called

Wfp.com that’s also where people can see some of the amazing interviews uh that our team got when they had their boots on the ground with black rock with the head of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and more but Damon let people know where’s the best place for people

To keep up with your comedy so go on X thanks to musk for providing us a platform uh that we we don’t get censored on go to x.com imanii and you can find me there and you can go to rumble too a great company um alternative to YouTube and I

Respect their business model um basically on Rumble and X at deonani thank you that’s right X formerly known as Twitter and Rumble both free speech platforms thanks for being on Rebel news thanks for having me If you appreciate that Rebel news brings you the other side of the story including on what’s been going on and what’s cooking up at the WF please go to our website called wfp.com and chip in a few bucks to cover the expenses that were modest but many

For the recent journalist boots on the grounds trip we did to cover that annual meeting for you again that’s wfre reports.com

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