Expecting snow in southern Ontario on Tuesday, possibility of up to 10 cm in some areas

Snow heading to southern Ontario Tuesday, some areas could see up to 10 cm

“Big Snowfall & Major Melt On The Horizon For Southern Ontario

Southern Ontario will be hit with a significant amount of snow on Tuesday, according to Global News meteorologist Anthony Farnell. The snow is expected to start very early in the morning across southwestern Ontario, with the Greater Toronto Area experiencing two to six cm of snowfall by the evening, and heavier snowfall in other cooler regions of the GTA. As the week continues, temperatures are expected to rise significantly which will lead to substantial snow melt across the region.

What Does This Snow Mean For Torontonians?

If temperatures hover just above freezing in downtown Toronto and near Lake Ontario, just a few centimetres of slushy snow will add up quickly on Tuesday, according to Farnell. He also said that there is a possibility of rain mixing in towards the evening as temperatures continue to rise.

A Compelling Conclusion

The varying perspectives relating to snowfall are key to understand the impact harsh climatic changes can have on a region. Each person’s experience of snow accumulation will differ, especially when different locations are involved. After the snowfall, the significant melt expected later in the week will serve as a relief to regions that have been hit hard by snow squalls. Let’s all look out for each other, and consider our different perspectives as we navigate through climate changes.”



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