CANADIAN POLITICS | Analyst explains why Liberals are in a ‘bad place’ compared to conservatives


With the return of parliament just around the corner new data shows there’s a massive Gap in enthusiasm when it comes to supporting the Liberals and the conservatives data from Angus Reed shows 41% would support Pierre PV and the conservative party while only 24% would vote for the Prime Minister Justin trau

And the Liberals of those supporting the conservatives 15% say they are voting primarily to block the Liberals the same percentage said they would vote liberal to block the conservatives I want to bring in Scott Reed now he’s ctv’s political commentator with some analysis good morning Scott good to see you good

Morning Mar here all right so poll numbers seem to be driving the agenda in Montreal we can get to that in just a moment but what do you make of how Canadians feel right now about the Liberals and the conservatives the conservatives continue to maintain this double digigit lead well it’s a tough

Hope for the uh for the governing liberals look there eight nine years into office so they are the firmly established incumbents that you know often breeds an election that you know swings around the theme of time for change so that’s all very tough and and I think digging into the numbers that

You just profiled it’s an important thing to remember that um you know for a Centrist party like the Liberals it is difficult to motivate your vote and there are a lot of people that are voting for pier POV and the conservatives who are driven to get out

Of the Bara loungers put down that cigarette and pint beer and get out there and use their vote as a weapon maybe because they were really frustrated by the uh lockdown maybe they’re very upset about the economic distress they’re feeling or maybe they just want to get rid of the sitting

Government so you’ve got all of the usual ingredients of time for a change let’s you know take a bet on somebody else combined with the specific nature of our politics these days which tends to be very very very heavily driven by anger and rage and you put all that

Together it’s a bad looking spot for the Liberals when you break the numbers down further though and you take a closer look there’s a very wide gender gap Pier poo viewed poorly by women how problematic is that for him it’s something he’s going to have to overcome

But he’s also been I think to his credit to his campaign’s credit they’ve been focusing on that you’ll think about uh for example the the million-dollar ad campaign that he did last year what was the focus feature of that campaign it wasn’t him saying are you cheesed off

With the Liberals let’s go get him it was presenting him in a family setting in a park pushing a swing with his child talking about his family talking about his wife’s family so it all of that is intended to send signals to Suburban female voters trying to say to them this

Guy’s a safe bet you don’t have to be distressed about this guy he’s a risk you can take by contrast liberals have got to go exactly in the opposite direction when you ask yourself how do the Liberals dig out of this hole well the first thing you do is you reach for

The rung that’s closest to you on the ladder and that is women and that is probably older women those are the voters who were with you last they’ve been the first and most recent to abandon you go get them go get them with a combination of policies that appeal to

Them and frankly go get them with some messages of concern with respect to PV underlining the point that actually you knowbody is a risk you can’t afford to take so it’s going to be interesting to watch the struggle over the female cohort of Voters and particular clearly

I would say those over the age of 55

CTV News’ political commentator Scott Reid says ‘usual ingredients’ in Canada are pushing people to vote for a new government.

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  1. Woman also here over 55, have never, will never vote for the Liberal Party. At this stage in the game Pierre and the Conversative don't even need to come out and say another thing until election time, they we still get my vote. And it isn't just me but all my friends in my age group.

  2. To all Canadians.Evry Provence should separate from Canada leaving Quebec on there own then reunite with out them creating a new and better Canada with out them .They do not have the best interest for all Canadians if we can't get rid of him then get rid of the problem Provence and Justin Trudeau can have them problem solved and the rest of Canada will be better off with out them


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