Canadian government to hold summit to address uptick in auto theft


Ottawa is getting serious about stolen cars in Canada the federal government is looking to bring leaders together to find ways preventing more vehicles from being taken off the streets the summit will bring leaders together to have productive discussions exchange information and plans and work on joint efforts that we all can take together

And can be deployed by governments at every level across the country police have seen an increase in auto from 2021 to 2022 estimates show Quebec in Ontario saw the number of car thefts increased by about 50% the number of car stolen was about a third more in Atlantic

Canada and nearly 20% higher in Alberta over that same time period on Monday York Regional Police announced it recovered more than 50 stolen vehicles that were destined to be shipped as far away as aeran and Georgia It’s Not Unusual uh in these types of Investigations for us to find that these

Vehicles are being shipped out of Canada to far away ports uh to a variety of locations overseas it’s the second time in less than a month the police force has recovered a collection of cars in late December the police Force’s Auto cargo theft unit found 25 Vehicles the

Total value for these two cases alone is nearly $5.5 million when you look at $1.2 billion for 2022 that was vehicles that were stol and just think that that money is going in the hands of organized crime and criminals to further their criminal activity that’s a lot of money

That’s uh going in into the wrong hands last year Ontario put $51 million towards setting up an auto theft team led by the provincial police aimed at investigating and Prosecuting groups stealing cars the federal Summit which will include police forces the cbsa and car companies is scheduled for February

8th Kyle Benning Global News

Political leaders, police and border agents will convene next month to tackle the growing problem of auto theft that is plaguing most Canadian cities.

This comes as York Regional Police revealed Monday that they had uncovered a “prolific crime group” responsible for the theft of high-end vehicles across Ontario, and had recovered 52 vehicles worth more than $3.2 million.

In Toronto alone, there were 9,600 vehicles stolen in 2022 – a three per cent increase from 2015. In the same year, vehicle thefts in Quebec rose by 50 per cent and by 35 per cent in Atlantic Canada.

As Kyle Benning reports, vehicle theft is becoming a billion-dollar enterprise across Canada and government and police are scrambling to respond.

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