Are Liberals’ Student Visa Caps Adequate? Tune in to The Andrew Lawton Show to Find Out!

The Andrew Lawton Show | Liberals are capping student visas, but is it enough?

“Canada’s International Student Visa Program Needs Reform”

The government’s decision to limit international student visas to a two-year cap comes as no surprise given the frustration with Canada’s immigration system and rampant fraud in the program. However, is a 35% reduction in student visas really enough? According to True North’s Andrew Lawton, it’s unlikely.

The Issue of Salaries

In addition to the student visa news, Parliamentary salaries are also set to rise by a significant amount. Kris Sims from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation Alberta gives her perspective on this matter.

The Elites and Their Agenda

True North has recently returned from Davos after a week of holding elites to account for their anti-energy and anti-free speech agenda at the World Economic Forum. Andrew Lawton debriefs us on the coverage that was brought back.


The international student visa program in Canada is in need of reform, and the government’s decision to cap visas is a step towards dealing with issues such as fraud and the country’s immigration system. However, further adjustments may be necessary in order to effectively address these problems. It’s also worth questioning the rise in Parliamentary salaries and the impact this will have. Finally, the fundamental concerns about the anti-energy and anti-free speech agenda raised by the elites at the World Economic Forum need to be considered as well. The government, policy-makers and the residents of Canada should look at various perspectives to ensure these critical issues are taken seriously and dealt with effectively.”



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