Will medicine under Qatar-France deal reach civilians, hostages in Gaza?


Medicine for both Israeli hostages and Palestinian civilians has arrived in Gaza under a deal brokered by Qatar and France it’s the first agreement between Israel Hama and Hamas since a week-long truce that happened back in November in a Canadian exclusive I spoke to the adviser to qatar’s prime minister about the

Deal Magid alansari thank you so much for making the time for us appreciate it thank you for having I I want to start obviously with the the deal that Qatar and uh France have negotiated and mediated to allow medicine into Gaza uh that would be for Israeli hostages and

For Palestinians it’s my understanding that that that has arrived in Gaza what can you tell me about whether it has managed to reach both hostages and Palestinians who need it well as you know Rosary the communications are cut right now in Le and therefore it’s very difficult to get

Information from inside the sector however what we can confirm is that all the shipment of 11 tons went through uh the Border seamlessly it was delivered by the Egyptian red Cresent The Joint trench and effort to bring that medicine into has has worked the medicine was delivered to the Ministry of Health in

In RZA who are supposed to have delivered it to first of all of course the hostages in inza but also to the people in who are in need in the most vulnerable areas of the sector I I understand obviously both sides agree to this uh this this deal you negotiated

But it is not for instance the International Red Cross who’s delivering the medicine how how sure are you that it is going to get to both the hostages and and Palestinians obviously I can’t get into the details on specifics of of the deal and the implementation of it for obvious

Reasons but what I can tell you is that both sides felt confident and delivered in good faith the uh the answers to to the agreement so we do believe that there high level of trust between both uh sides that done through the mediation that uh the the deal will be conducted

As agreed upon and we hope that the agreement made in this deal will help us also pave the way for other deal in the future well well let’s talk a little bit about that because obviously uh you were also integral in the the previous pause uh to allow humanitarian Aid in and

You’ve been successful on this instance but I but I would imagine that as as the war goes on and positions are further entrenched it gets more difficult not not easier to get people to agree uh to different things H how difficult was it to reach this deal and how difficult is

It to get the two sides talking right now you know Mar started mediating between both sides since 2006 so we have a long track record of successful mediations between uh both sides and certainly as you rightly mentioned the escalations on on the ground has made it more difficult to uh mediate since the

Last uh appeasement was was done and the last deal was was signed and of course the PA collapsed after seven days but we maintain uh the mediation process we maintain the negotiations between both sides and getting ideas back and and forth and this deal while it is a small

Caveat of the mediation process that was aimed directly at the immediate needs of the the houses and those most vulnerable in in R the ongoing effort and the mainstream of negotiations to reach an end to this war it’s still active we are still pushing for it we can’t lose hope

Obviously because we can’t afford to do so but the situation on the ground is very difficult every escalation that happens in the ground makes the job of the negotiations more more difficult our operations room here in has it handles uh the mediation has been working 247

The team since uh the first day of of the war has been working around the clock to make sure that any chance for peace can be utilized any chance where we can get an agreement whether it be for uh a a small portion like what was done in this mediation or for the

Overall picture of uh of the war all of that has been uh ongoing and we are hopeful that uh in the near future we would be able to get into something more uh concrete when it comes to mediation process well I I I’ll get to the whether

We can get to peace or not in a moment but just if I can go back to the issue of the hostages because there are still more than a hundred uh yeah more than 100 hostages that are still being held are there talks right now to to get

Those people released do you have optimism that that could happen of course the uh as I said the negotiation process is is ongoing on that uh part specifically so the obviously within the mediation process the hostage issue takes Paramount position we’ve been negotiating for that

From from day one there are a lot of difficulties on the ground of course starting with how uh we can uh maintain the safety of of the houses under the current bombardment as you know Rosemary some of these hostages sadly have lost their lives as a result of the ongoing

Bombardment in in reden therefore the need to have some kind of period of calm in order to first of all make sure that uh we can ascertain the uh situation of the hostages in in res but also to push forward more ideas and that of course

Has eluded us for a long time now uh on the other side of it of course the talks between both sides are very difficult when it comes to the hostage issue as you might imagine every escalation that takes place on on the ground gets as far away from reaching an agreement on how

The hous can be released and when they can they can be released however the negotiation process is it’s a process that’s still ongoing and we haven’t stopped uh talking to both sides and communicating with all our regional and international Partners to make sure that there’s always a a path towards the

Release of the hostages and towards peace in the region a as you well know on I guess it was Thursday prime minister Netanyahu said that he told the United States He opposes the creation of a Palestinian State as part of a postwar plan for Gaza maybe I’ll start by

Getting a reaction to that but also how that kind of statement complicates what you’re trying to do uh because I would imagine that it does obviously Ros and these statements are nothing uh if uh obstructive to to the eff of mediation but it also uh provides fuel to the fire when it comes

To the narrative around peace in in the region we are talking about a chance for peace we’re talking about a chance for pce for both Palestinians and the Israeli the first and foremost we have to have part pce on on both sides and while we’ve been you know hearing a lot

Of rhetoric about the the lack of a partner of Peace on the Palestinian side these kind of statements make it very clear that on the Israeli side there needs to be a serious discussion over the future of of the Palestinian issue they I mean a lot of players have tried

To sideline the Palestinian issue and as a result we are at the escalation we have right now so obviously it’s not in the interest of the Israeli people it’s not in the interest of the people of the region to sideline the Palestinian issue all Al together these kind of statements

Cannot be accepted we have made it clear from day one that there is no other alternative for peace than the two-state solution that is agreed upon uh by countries in the region by the peoples of this conflict and by the international community Al together so

So do you think that Mr Netanyahu has to has to go in order to I mean obviously you have to decide who’s going to negotiate on the Palestinian side but but do you think that Netanyahu also has to go in order for this to be resolved that kind of decision of course

Is left to to the Israeli people to decide but we certainly would encourage that uh all parties involved here whether it be in Palestine or Israel or around the world have to maintain a commitment to peace and that this is the only option for All Peoples of the

Region how important are Arab states in in getting to that resolution I know that um Saudi Arabia for instance has said that the idea of normalization of relations with isra Isel which was on the table before all of this could still be on the table uh depending on how

Things unfold how important would that be since the Arabs agreed on the Arab initiative headed by by Saudi Arabia that option was always on on the table and as our prime minister said uh lately in in Davos countless times did the Arabs present ideas for for peace and

Plans for for peace that were rejected sadly by by Israel and the Arabs remain our countries remain committed to the path of Peace we don’t see any other and obvious uh path towards peace in in the region other than forming a Palestinian state within the 1967 uh borders and to

Providing the Palestinians with hope the only problem that led them the the main problem that led to the situation we are here right now is that sense of loss of hope that sense of having no future and no hope in in the future the only way forward for us is to provide the

Palestinians with hope is to provide the Israelis with hope in a future where they can live side by side together this is not the sustain aable situation the occupation is not sustainable and the events of these past 100 days have made it very clear that escalation uh using military methods using Security

Solutions sidelining Palestinians all of these will only result in more death and destruction on on both sides and from our perspective we made it very clear from from day one that unless both sides agree to live next to each other peacefully there will be no chance for

Peace in the future maged Ellen sari we will leave it there thank you sir thank you for having me

Rosemary Barton speaks with Majed Al-Ansari, adviser to the prime minister of Qatar, about a deal to get medicine into Gaza, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s rejection of a two-state solution.

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