Kelowna’s Family-Friendly Event: Get Kids Away from Screens for a Week – Okanagan Valley

Weeklong family-friendly event in Kelowna aims to get children away from screens - Okanagan

“Kick off 10 Days of Unplugged Fun at the Unplug & Play Family Literacy Week in Kelowna”

The 10th annual Unplug & Play Family Literacy Week is getting ready to take the Parkinson Rec Centre in Kelowna by storm this Sunday. This exciting event aims to showcase that entertainment doesn’t have to involve a phone, tablet, or TV screen. Organized by the Project Literacy Central Okanagan Society, the weeklong extravaganza seeks to encourage both children and families to participate in activities that do not involve screentime. The executive director of the society, Paul Zuurbier, emphasizes that the event serves as a great reminder that outside activities can be as enjoyable as playing video games or spending time on social media.

The Unplug & Play Family Literacy Week encourages families to partake in fun activities such as live entertainment, an obstacle course, science sessions, and bouncy castles that are free of charge. With the growing excitement post-COVID, the organizers expect at least 300 families to join in on the festivities. Additionally, there will be numerous zero-cost events taking place at different locations throughout the week, thanks to the Kelowna Library, BGC, and the YMCA.

“Disconnect to Reconnect”: The Importance of a Screen-Free Day

The inundation of online activities in recent years has significantly increased the screentime for both educational and recreational purposes. This shift has raised concerns about the potential implications for vision, attention span, and overall mental and physical well-being in children. While the technological era has brought numerous benefits, it’s essential to recognize the value of stepping away from screens and engaging in meaningful, offline activities. Unplugging from technology allows for genuine interactions, physical movement, creativity, and the exploration of the natural world.

An Invitation to Reconnect with the World Beyond the Screen

The frenetic pace of modern life often leaves individuals feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from their surroundings. Amid the hustle and bustle, there lies an extraordinary opportunity in unplugging from the virtual realm and embracing the tangible beauty that unfolds around us. Instead of succumbing to the allure of screens, we are invited to rediscover the extraordinary adventures and boundless joy that await outside the digital world.

This Unplug & Play Family Literacy Week serves as a gentle reminder that magic exists beyond the confines of screens. By immersing ourselves in the simple pleasures that the real world offers, we tap into genuine connections, create lasting memories, and foster a renewed sense of wonder. Let the vibrant experiences amid nature and in the heart of our communities spark the light of joy and curiosity, encouraging all to embrace the enchanting and infinite universe beyond the screen.”



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