CEO of WEF’s ‘epidemic preparedness’ organization refuses to answer Rebel News questions


Was the pandemic or government policy that disrupted the world I I I think those things are are deeply intertwined I I think the pandemic was hugely disruptive I I think the government the pandemic didn’t stop shut down businesses the pandemic didn’t shut down flights the pandemic didn’t

Fire people the government did yeah and the pandemic killed millions and millions of people and and without the interventions that slowed transmission that that flattened the curve as it were really that that’s is being debound now was it just two weeks to flatten the curb or two

Years how about in Wuhan do you know if there’s still manufacturing or viruses out there you don’t know don’t you think that’s sort of an important thing to know what have we learned from Co um I I don’t I don’t want to continue the interview but don’t you think you have an

Obligation for some sort of transparency I mean this is very important things that affect a lot of people Happ to do a scheduled interview if you guys want to uh contact our communication team I’m a little bit skeptical about that I don’t think he would I think he would I mean

You’ve come to a reclusive exclusive Community here of businessmen and the elites it’s not very transparent for example who have you met with will that list be made public do do you refuse to do walking interviews like the rest of them because you need a script you need

To it needs to be media that’s approved ones that you can control what they’re going to put out and you got to be prepared like don’t you know the answers this is your job or or is it that the journalists don’t have the approved script and you

Prefer to deal with journalists who are on the official narrative what can we expect from disease X more silence less transparency I think the way that a lot of people at wford talking about disease X is they’re excited they want another lockdown they want more vac mandates pharmaceutical

Bosses want more sales I think that’s what’s scared people is they see the Glee that people are talking about the inevitability of disease X do you dispute that I don’t I don’t think there’s Glee about the inevitability of disease act I think there is a concern that

The how much money did you make through Co if you I’ll finish your question please do ugly there’s a concern that what there there is a concern that the world that we live in increases risk for outbreaks of disease and that there is a need to be prepared pred for future

Disease outbreaks so that they don’t spread and become pandemics so we have to we have to have a conversation about what preparedness entails disease X is simply the name that wh has given to the idea that there will be future outbreaks I mean I mean we can’t stop future outbreaks but why

Should we trust the who when they got everything wrong with regards to co from mask mandates to um the effectiveness of the vaccines which then essentially um forced policy across the world including lockdowns and vaccine mandates there there have been disease outbreaks for thousands of years are are you saying

There’s going to be no more disease outbreaks I’m not saying that I’m saying I’m that’s not the question the question is why should we trust the wh and why should we rely on people like you you you asked me about a term that wh employed I I’m just saying it’s a term I

Mean it’s simply a way of encapsulating a concept of instilling fear into the community into the world to get people on the same page to get governments on the same page a bit like what they do at the WF to bring everybody to consolidate power let

Me let me ask you I mean are you asking similar questions to people about climate change absolutely and do you think climate change is not real that’s not the point I I think that it’s very suspicious that you’re all coming here to to to to preach about what we need to

Do for global warming but this is not a very sustainable place is it whether there’s risks climate or risks for viruses it always seems the same solution authoritarianism now they’re talking about climate lockdowns 15minute cities ultra low emission zones what is a 15minute city I don’t

You can’t travel far my point is people see that Co was used as an excuse to take away our civil liberties and that’s what’s got Davos excited not the virus itself but the opportunity for more authoritarianism I I I think we we do need to look at the co experience and we

Do need to understand the interventions that we use we need to learn from the experience a lot of it was suboptimal um but they just made up the six foot separation rule they made it up they just admitted that well let me let me let me finish my comment so so you

Know unfort I mean we had the unfortunate experience of a pandemic governments responded as best they could with the Li information that they had it is absolutely incumbent on us to understand what we went through to learn the lessons to draw conclusions about how best to prepare for the next outbreak

Because there will be future outbreaks do you believe really the governments did the best they could with the information they had I I believe that there were government officials who were trying to make the best decisions possible in a crisis situation I’m sure there were some good ones but generally

Are you are you saying that it wasn’t a power grab on many governments at many levels around the world using information from The Who and other epidem epidemiology experts honestly I’m I’m not in a position to judge the behavior of every government in the different responses that were employed some but you’re here

To to talk about preparedness for the next one I think don’t you think that that means you should and you should analyze how the information you’re giving to government has an effect on the average person not the people here in WF they’re safe they can do whatever they want they were they

Were free during Co they were still making money it’s the average Joe around the world that paid the price of the decisions that came out of here and came out of organizations like yours and the who I mean our organization to be clear focuses on supporting the development of

Vaccines so how do you think that went in Co I think I think vac vac were developed in record time against an emerging Global threat that that disrupted the world for two years and I think that it would have dis was the pandemic or government policy that disrupted the

World I I I think those things are are deeply intertwined I I think the pandemic was hugely disruptive I I think the government the pandemic didn’t stop shut down businesses the pandemic didn’t shut down flights the pandemic didn’t people the government did yeah and the pandemic killed millions and millions of people

And and without the interventions that slowed transmission that that flatten the curve as it were really that this is being was it just two weeks to flatten the curve or two years I think the you know our our goal is to accelerate vaccine development in the

Future and to ensure that we can deliver safe and effective vaccines even more rapidly than we did in 2020 and by shortening the period of time for vaccine development you potentially shorten the any period of disruption you reduce the overall mortality you reduce the economic impact I think the world

Has to be prepared to respond to Future infectious diseases in a way that minimizes the huge societal impact that they can have is there anyone in the entire industry that’s promoting a non-authoritarian response Bill Gates who’s the chief funer of the vaccine movement believes there are too many people in

The world he’s an authoritarian who calls for lockdowns and he really is an oligarch in the worst meaning of the word is there anyone on the side of individual rights and civil liberties in the whole movement I I I I think so I mean I

Think I I think that there are a number of people I mean I mean I mean everyone is concerned to reduce the impact of infectious diseases and and we need as I said to understand the experience that we’ve had there inquiries going on in separate countries there’s not one in

The United States I think there should be there’s no real inquiries they’re all they’re awful show we the world can see that they’re not really looking the de when you mentioned safe and effective vaccines do you think we achieved that in covid I think the the vaccines that we developed

Yes or no safe and effective we’re safe and effective and reduce the overall mortality of the of the co pandemic are you yeah that’s it well when we talk about affected they promised us that it will stop the spread it it turned out and they based mandates on that it

Didn’t do that were they actually vaccines the the vaccines modified the disease and reduced mortality associated with the disease so they definitely reduced the Imp and of of the virus on society they a therapy they did not ultimately reduce transmission this is where we’re going to have to for talking

With us good luck thank you I’m here in Davos Switzerland with a team of six journalists from Rebel news you may remember last year we managed to scrum the CEO of fizer and Greta tberg and other people who want to control your life we might even bump into the

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The world was upended in late 2019 when China announced growing concerns over a new respiratory illness. Now, four years later, the world is still suffering in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of its method of building connections into governments, the World Economic Forum (WEF) helped found the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) in 2017. The foundation receives money from public, private, philanthropic and civil society organizations in its efforts to tackle emerging diseases and develop vaccines. At this year’s WEF annual meeting, Rebel News reporters Ezra Levant and Avi Yemini ran into CEPI CEO Richard Hatchett on the streets of Davos, Switzerland.

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  1. Wow, a WEF CEO is actually answering questions. When it was Freeland, she had the journalist arresting for asking questions. I think that they see the real prospect of their organization losing influence so being accountable though I see that the fatal damage is already done.

  2. Human venom has not been changed for 200,000 years. Thus “future” epidemic must be the same as it used to be 200,000 years ago. Unless new virus cowardly called “gain of function” is released as bio weapon!

  3. Important to “Learn the lessons”? They wont admit they were wrong, or that their tactics were wrong. The only lessons they are worried about is how to better control the narrative next time.


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