Ukraine seeks robust security commitment from Canada, expert says

Ukraine is looking for more than bland security 'assurances' in talks with Canada, expert says

“Canada’s Lasting Impact on Ukraine’s Security Assurances Plan”

Amid the political tension and under-the-radar political moves, Canada has quietly handed over a draft of a new proposed security assurances plan for Ukraine to officials in President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s office. The lingering question is not only what these “assurances” entail, but how they will impact Canada’s relationship with Ukraine and the ongoing conflict with Russia.

The Significance of “Assurances” vs. “Guarantees”

In an interview, Canada’s Ambassador to Ukraine Natalka Cmoc emphasized the importance of calling the proposed plan “assurances” rather than “guarantees.” This choice of words has sparked debate and raised questions about the level of commitment Canada is willing to make towards ensuring Ukraine’s security. Given Ukraine’s past with the Budapest Memorandum and the trauma it brought, the distinction between “assurances” and “guarantees” is crucial to the Ukrainian people and its government.

Will History Repeat Itself?

The Budapest Memorandum during the early ’90s left Ukraine without the security “guarantees” it sought, ultimately leading to the conflict and Russian invasion that the nation faces today. As negotiations continue, Ukrainians are hoping for a different outcome than they experienced in the past. After witnessing the new security agreement between the United Kingdom and Ukraine, the consensus is that Ukraine expects a more significant pact from its allies this time around.

The Uncomfortable Silence in Ottawa

Canada’s relative silence about the proposed plan raises concerns about its commitment and extensive support for Ukraine. Coupled with Ottawa’s recent reliance on hammering the opposition, such lack of communication on such a profound issue raises questions about Canada’s approach in this matter. The reluctance to fully acknowledge and discuss the security assurances plan is puzzling, given the ongoing conflict and global efforts to support Ukraine in its struggle.

The Road Ahead

As discussions about the proposed security assurances plan continue, it is essential for Canada to acknowledge the significance of this document and provide Ukraine with the much-needed support. The world is watching to see how Canada will stand by Ukraine and ensure its safety in the face of ongoing threats. The decisions made now could have a lasting impact on Canada’s relationship with Ukraine and its role in the international community. As negotiations unfold, it is crucial for Canada to make a firm commitment and reassure Ukraine of its unwavering support, offering a new beginning and hope for lasting peace and security.



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