UFC champ Sean Strickland blasts Canadian mainstream media, Trudeau, gender ideology


UFC champion Sean Strickland uh gave it to the Canadian media and the Canadian liberals but as the joke goes I repeat myself and Justin Trudeau and he slammed jender ideology and I’m wondering um what he’s going to do after UFC does he want a job as a Canadian politician or a media

Commentator I’m just curious because um he had a lot to say and um I wanted to hear it anyways let’s let’s roll this clip for of gay and lesbian community in this city I did want to ask you about something you wrote A couple of years ago you said if

I had a gay son I would think I oh look another another the saying the swamp you guys a swamp you’ve become a champion you become a star and and someone let me ask you something are you are you are you gay you the chance with a more

Diverse are let me know are you gay can I can I get an answer well I’m asking this is part of are you are you a gay man I’m an ally of the community okay if you had a son and he was like you know

He had a son he was gay you’d be like oh man you don’t you don’t want a grandkid no problem with it oh man well dude you’re a weak man dude you’re like you’re part of the problem you elected Justin Trudeau you when he sees the bank accounts like

You’re just pathetic and and the fact that the fact that you have no backbone and and has he shut down your country and sees bank accounts you ask me some stupid like that go yourself move the on man but I didn’t want to ask also things you said about the trans

Community you said uh this past October when they announced the budlight sponsorship that you’d go so hard on budlight in your next fight they’ll have to accept me or denounce me when uh when they know what and will know what they stand for are you this guy’s like this

Canadian is not that Canadian are you still going to use your fight time to kind of speak on that here’s the thing about budlight here’s the thing about budlight 10 years ago to be trans was a what a mental illness and now all of a sudden people like you have

weasel your way in the world you are you are an infection you are the definition of weakness everything that is wrong with the world is because of you and the best thing is is the world’s not buying it the world’s not buying your you’re pedling

The world is not saying you know what you’re right chicks have dicks the world’s not saying that world’s saying no there are two genders I don’t want my kids being taught about you know who they could school I don’t want my kids being taught about you know their sexual preference like dude this

Guy is a enemy you want to look at the enemy to our world it’s that right there asking these stupid questions sorry I I told the UFC I be nicer Lance Lance am I am I still good with this am I did I cross any lines a little what the I

Didn’t say the word shirt is pretty good you just brought this okay let’s sorry I should have warned everybody about the rough language but where do we get that shirt a woman in every kitchen a gun in every hand where do I get that

Shirt I love that shirt um I would not have said some of the things he said in the way in which he said them in an interview um his language is pretty rough I wouldn’t necessarily call a person an infection although I would say that there’s definitely a mind virus

Polluting the young people and that mind virus is called gend ideology but what did that journalist expect like let’s throw out whether or not we agree with Shan Strickland and everything that he said there but Shan Strickland outspoken on these issues wearing that shirt do you honestly think that if you

Ask a question about your personal hobby horse issue of gender Theory and announce yourself to him as an an ally of the community did that journalist think did he really think that he was going to be the journalist that got Sean strigin to admit that he was wrong and

That he had a change of heart and you would see a Kindler gentler version of Sean Strickland is that what he thought I have no idea but it just furthers my theory about the absolute narcissism of these people that they can force you to adopt their worldview that they can

Force you to use their language that they can force you to play along with their delusions that men can just through the magic of surgery and hormones become a woman that people who have never been a woman could tell you I feel in my heart that I am a woman even

Though they have no idea what women feel in their hearts the absolute narcissism that they think they can bend nature Science Biology and you to their worldview simply by announcing that they are an ally it’s just it’s so comical it reminds me of the journalist who asked that question

To Pierre POV while P Pier POV was just munched in that apple and then that journalist got his ass handed to him on an international scale these journalists refus to learn like this one same thing happened to him and it’s just you know I just love Sienna journalist especially a

Bad journalist like that just get put right into their place we saw that also with the the CNN reporter I mean it happens in a multitude of ways and we’re seeing it more often and maybe maybe they’ll stop but I don’t think so because they are narcissists

And they think I’m gonna be the one I’m gonna be the one to teach This Racist homophobe fascist I’ll be the one who asks him that pointed question that changes them deep inside their soul I think we’re going to see a lot more axe murdering of journalists metaphorically speaking before this is

All over um do we have any uh I’ll be making this documentary in partnership with our head of documentaries Kean Simone our last project was the hit documentary Church Under Fire Canada’s war on Christianity where we told the stories of pastors who stood up to government lockdowns during the pandemic overreaction you trusted

And supported us to get that story right we’ll get this one right too and just like with that documentary project we wanted to show you we appreciate your contributions by giving you perks back in return on our website made documentary. you can choose a perk and a contribution level that’s right for you

Canada’s future should be shaped by informed compassionate and ethical choices where disabilities and depression are are not death sentences by embarking on this war on the vulnerable Canada is on a collision course with the rock bottom of a very slippery slope when progressives told us didn’t exist it’s a crash landing other

Countries don’t need to have our documentary can serve as a warning for other places considering these same decisions help us tell the stories these new eugenicists don’t want told a society can be judged by how it treats the least of its Brothers go to made doc r.com and get involved today thank you

Uh we’re going to make the responsible decisions as we move forward as we always Do

| On yesterday’s livestream, Sheila Gunn Reid reacted to Sean Strickland’s fiery response to a Canadian journalist attempting to accuse him of ‘transphobia’.
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  1. Wait. I thought we hated athletes talking about political issues here? I thought we wanted them to shut up and play sports. Are you telling me that was never the case and it turns out we actually love it, as long as they're saying things we like?

  2. Shawn is epic, but why are journalists asking a guy who gets punched in the head for a living these kinds of questions in the first place? Shouldn’t he be asking about his training and his readiness for the fight? Are they going to ask freeland next time she’s making stuff up about the budget, how she’s doing with her fighting technique?


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