Surrey’s Green Timbers neighborhood shooting leaves one person injured

1 injured in shooting in Surrey’s Green Timbers neighbourhood

“Early Saturday morning, a shooting in Surrey, B.C. left one man with gunshot wounds. The incident, which took place at 147 Street near Fraser Highway around 1 a.m., prompted the Surrey RCMP to respond to reports of shots being fired. Upon arrival, the condition of the victim was unclear, and police took him to the hospital for assessment and treatment.

The aftermath

Sgt. Rob Maione stated that an investigation was underway, and preliminary efforts involved officers canvassing the area for witnesses. The Surrey RCMP affirmed the need for anyone with information or video footage related to the incident to contact them at 604-599-0502.

Understandably, incidents of crime within one’s community can evoke feelings of fear and vulnerability, and this shooting raises concerns about public safety in Surrey and the prevalence of gun violence.

Possible perspectives:

One viewpoint may highlight the ongoing need for community members to work collaboratively with law enforcement to curb the tide of violence that threatens the community’s peace and safety.

On the other hand, some individuals might raise concerns about the underlying societal factors that contribute to gun violence and the importance of addressing those issues.

Arguably, law enforcement’s response to the incident reflects the department’s commitment to prompt investigation and maintaining public safety in Surrey.

Concluding thoughts:

Ultimately, the occurrence of a shooting in Surrey, B.C. serves as a stark reminder of the prevalence of gun violence and the variable perceptions of safety that different individuals hold. It is vital for the community and law enforcement to work cohesively to address these issues and ensure that public safety is prioritized at all levels.”



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