Discover the truth about snowfall: Does the U.S. get more snow than Canada in winter?

A winter surprise, does the U.S. see more snow than Canada?

“Here Are the Snowiest Towns in the US and Canada You Need to Know About

When it comes to snowy towns, both the US and Canada have their fair share. But which country has the edge when it comes to the snowiest towns? Let’s dive into the data and find out.

The US vs Canada: Who Gets More Snow?

With ten times the population, America has a higher likelihood of finding communities in the path of the heaviest snow. Valdez, Alaska, may be at sea level, but that isn’t as usual of a factor as we find in southern B.C. Over 800 cm of snow falls every winter in the Alaskan town of 4,000.

Pacific moisture running into Arctic air in higher elevations across the West is to blame for incredible snowfall from Whistler to Crested Butte, Colorado—with the win going to the latter. Developing Colorado lows feed on moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, and the added elevation of the Black Hills in South Dakota makes for the perfect oasis for winter weather. Lake-effect snow off the Great Lakes can close towns from Sault Ste. Marie to Syracuse, but a seasonal average of nearly 500 cm in Boonville, New York, tops Canada’s competitor of Owen Sound, Ontario, with just 330 cm in an average year.

Canada still holds the edge along the East Coast

One place where Canada soundly beats the U.S. on snowfall is the Atlantic seaboard. Along the East Coast, Canada comes ahead in snowfall with towns like Sault Ste. Marie and Owen Sound getting heavy snow compared to their U.S. counterparts.

The Final Verdict

There’s no denying that both the US and Canada have their share of snowy towns, each with their unique weather patterns and geographical features contributing to the snowfall. Whether it’s the Pacific moisture in the US or the Atlantic seaboard in Canada, it’s clear that these North American countries have truly snowy gems waiting to be explored.

So, next time you’re planning a winter trip, consider visiting the snowiest towns in the US or Canada. You might just find yourself in a winter wonderland that will leave you awe-struck by nature’s beauty.”



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