Will emissions regulations affect restaurant menus?


If you run a business that prepares food over an open fire or CH charcoal grill or if you order food prepared that way here’s a story to bite down on according to the Montreal Gazette the federal environment Ministry is looking into whether some restaurants that cook food

In woodf fired ovens should be reporting their total air pollution emissions now the data would go to the National pollutant release inventory which is run by the environment Ministry companies could be fined if they fail to report on time or submit false or misleading information Public Health officials have

Expressed concern about pollution in wood smoke JB martinito owns such a business wil Wilson’s house of lechon in East Toronto and joins us now welcome to the program hi thank you for having me I want to start uh with your business you make authentic Filipino lechon can you

Walk us through how that is made so Lon is actually a term to cook a certain type of meat so it’s for us uh Leon baboy babo means pork in in our dialect um so how it how we make it is it’s a suckling pig um on a stick on a

Rod and we cook it over um our machines um actually our restaurant Wilson’s house of Lon has been known to cook barbecue and um what we call Belly Chon it’s like a bonness belly roll and we put it on a stick and then it uh turns

And turns and it roast over charcoal for uh two and a half hours so those are some of the things that our uh restaurant is known for we cook the lechon uh Meats over charcoal okay so how could the federal government’s push to have individual restaurants reporting

To the federal agency uh affect your business well it puts a lot of pressure on our family business um it it’s probably it probably I mean I don’t want to speak on bigger businesses but for a restaurant like ours which is run by three individuals and our 10 full-time

Uh restaurant uh sorry our full-time um staff that works for us it puts a lot of pressure on us uh we have to diligently um limit what we make daytoday and um already in last year we received some comments in the in the area uh regarding the smoke in our area and how

Um it’s bothersome to to individuals and we listen to the people um that has you know comments about the the smoke in our restaurant and we actually limited our time to cook between 4 to 6: PM where you know businesses um aren’t uh open so um

That’s so we that’s what we already did um to report such number um I I I think we’d have to be provided a certain way to measure how much emission we we put out but it puts a lot of pressure on us what do you yeah it puts pressure on you

But would you even know how to report uh your emissions exactly that that exactly my point I um earlier I had to I I heard about about the news and I had to uh educate myself on on these things because you know growing up in school we

Hear cars um and we hear um you know turn your lights off the simple ways we we we learn how to really uh be a good um citizen to uh lessen the carbon footprint personally I’m I’m for you know making climate change a better um a better solution

Finding ways to make climate change um you know to reduce climate yeah try to help try to help exactly but um I I really don’t know I I I really don’t know how one would measure um emission sorry now that’s okay is there I’m just gonna ask

You this because I’ve never made it before is there a way to make it without coals um yes uh you’d have to use gas you’d have to use gas machines then hes but um that’s sort of uh if you if you don’t cook Lon over charcoal then it’s not the

Authentic way of cooking lechon and since we opened our business we have been known to cook our meat over charcoal and so it’s like erasing the authentic part of our branding of our mission to the Filipino community and not just the Filipino community over the years we’ve served to um other um you

Know other people not just the Filipino community so it’s it’s yes you can you could still achieve Lon but it’s not the authentic way I want to thank you for uh giving us your thoughts on this story we appreciate you being on the program you’re very welcome thank you so much

Thank you JB martinito owns Wilson’s house of lechon in Toronto

The federal Environment Ministry says restaurants that prepare food on an open fire or charcoal grill should be reporting their total air pollution emissions. Jaeybee Martinito, owner of Wilson’s Haus of Lechon, says this puts pressure on small businesses and limits their menu.

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  1. Big industries, Refineries, Oil Extraction, Airlines, even animal husbandry, all contribute massive amounts of carbon & toxic emissions but, by comparison, get a pass on most of it and yet you're going after a Mom & Pop business over their charcoal barbecue?! How about the millions of patio barbecues in suburbia. are they next?! Ridiculous to the point of criminal.

  2. I wonder what brought a small family owned business to the attention of a regulator?

    Perhaps the CBC looking for a story, inadvertently shines a light in an area that was effectively shadowed in a small market…

  3. If the Federal Government goes after these mom and pop restaurants, before you know it, it’ll be backyard barbecues. Enough, really, come on Trudeau. Truth is, you’ve already lost my vote, but this borders on Totalitarianism! Bad move.

  4. Carbon Tax contradicts the Canadian Environmental Justice Law Bill C-226 being that it is culturally insensitive. Carbon Tax is Environmental Prejudice. Selling bombs and war machines, while the poor pay taxes on food, cooking, heating, and inflation, all in the name of Climate Change?

  5. Considering you turn off comments on every video you spew propaganda. What happening to the Palestinians is a genocide and your coverage of Israel/Palestine has been atrocious. You don't get a 90% civilian casualty rating by accident. Hell you can hear it from Benjamin Netanyahu mouth . They've said point blank their goal is to level Gaza to the ground and annex its territory.

  6. Climate change is a lie. Our weather so controlled by the governments. DEWS. Directive energy pulse weapons. Just need the coordinates. Chemtral poisoning. Disasters anywhere desired. Alaska was the first place the device was built. Jesse Ventura was first to expose it. High tech now.

  7. The government is not even trying to hide the fact they are coming in ALL areas of your life. They mean to control every aspect of what you do, eat, speak, drive, own, act, think. We need to elect common sense and that is definitely NOT Dildeau and the NDPeed.

  8. Yes it is wrong if you live on floor 25 of a condo!it is not safe! Buddy got on the elevator and cracked a donair fart! The building had to shut it down for two hours ?just to keep me and you safe remember were all in this together!

  9. the government is broke and they have to figure out a way to pay for trudeaue and freelands expensive trips. I guess everyone of those resturaunts will have to switch to electric indoor grills if they want to have a bbq like experience for their customers.

  10. This is a good thing.
    It'll limit the amount of these kiosk-style restauranteers.
    One or two along a popular strip is cool, but you get an entire strip of these guys? It gets greasy, smokey and smelly fast.

  11. Initially thought GilbOT and Turdo had mental illness, obsessively hunting down every last molecule of CO2.

    Now I conclude they just want to see how far they can push people before they get told to GFY.

    Pretty far, it seems.

  12. I hope people are paying attention to the report, because the government is coming after your backyard barbecue in the near future and make it illegal to own a barbecue.
    You can laugh at this comment or take it seriously, your choice.

  13. PEOPLE!They travel to ie.COP28 or Davos or WEF meetings first class in only part loaded jets.Live in residences with natural gas heat.Say they don't own a car * but get cheauffered in a 22' limo ICE on a paved road( petro assoc.product).Use petro derived plastics of all kinds yet have the effin audacity to tell you to stop using petro.

  14. Good! Climate Change is totally the fault of that old dude on the BBQ – He should take note from other small businesses like BP and Exxon Mobil who are totally paving the way for our green future and definitely not taking millions in taxpayer money every year. Lmao we are so screwed XD.


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