Watch as Donald Trump fiercely criticizes civil fraud lawsuit in new deposition video

In this image taken from from video made public by the Office of the New York State Attorney General on Friday, Jan. 19, 2024, former U.S. President Donald Trump sits for a deposition on April, 13, 2023. (Office of the New York State Attorney General via AP)

Donald Trump’s Deposition Drama: A Look Inside the Legal Battle

Before Donald Trump’s much-publicized face-off at his New York civil fraud trial, he sat for a deposition last year at the office of the state attorney general who is suing him. A video of this seven-hour session was made public on Friday, highlighting Trump’s demeanor going from calm and cool to indignant, with moments of smirking, pouting, and even ripping the attorney general’s lawsuit against him as “a disgrace” and “a terrible thing.”

The Attorney General’s Accusations
The lawsuit against Trump, his company, and top executives accuses them of defrauding banks, insurers, and others by inflating his wealth and exaggerating the value of assets on annual financial statements used to secure loans and make deals.

Trump’s Defiant Testimony
During his deposition, Trump insisted that the banks allegedly snookered with lofty valuations suffered no harm, and he accused New York authorities of spending too much time investigating him instead of addressing violent crime in the streets. He also refused to answer questions more than 400 times in a previous deposition, invoking his Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination.

Trump’s Take on Financial Statements
Trump claimed he never felt his financial statements “would be taken very seriously” and that they were mainly for his use, even suggesting that people who did business with him were given ample warning not to trust them.

Trump’s Brand Worth
At the deposition, Trump estimated that his “brand” alone is worth “maybe US$10 billion.” He attributed his political success to the ubiquity of his name and persona, claiming that he “became president because of the brand.”

Trump’s Previous Business Tactics
Trump suggested that he did not make any decisions that would present a conflict of interest with his presidency, claiming he was too busy solving global issues such as preventing a nuclear war with North Korea.

Trump’s Grandiose Descriptions
Throughout the deposition, Trump used superlatives like “beautiful” and “incredible” repeatedly as he described his various properties, claiming that they would fetch staggering numbers if he were to sell them.

The eleventh-hour drama in the courtroom and his six-minute diatribe after closing arguments not only added to the buildup but also hinted at a more complexly dramatic performance.

This video provides a rare chance for the public to see Trump as a witness – a side of him that is not often seen. Cameras were not allowed in the courtroom, and its release provides a glimpse into Trump’s disposition during his deposition. This video has brought attention to the ongoing legal battle, and whatever the outcome may be, Trump’s deposition is sure to be a subject of debate for the time to come. It presents an opportunity for the public to form their opinions and raises interesting questions about the former president’s business practices and character.



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