US, Mexico discuss reducing “unprecedented migrant surge” at border: Blinken


I think we’ve made great progress just in the space of the three weeks since that meeting uh and we look forward to uh reviewing that today as well as looking at um additional steps that we can take uh together to advance the goal that we both share of reducing the

Unprecedented irregular migration surge um also since our last meeting I think a very significant development in um president revelo being inaugurated in Guatemala uh this opens an important new area uh for cooperation um on migration uh between our three countries and uh we will continue to work together more broadly

To develop Regional solutions to the historic challenge that that we face but in all of this our partnership our work together um could not be more uh more valuable more important uh and we deeply appreciate it so ficia welcome for Transit

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with Mexico’s Foreign Minister Alicia Barcena on Friday, for talks to reduce an “unprecedented, irregular migrant surge” at the shared border between both countries.

Friday’s meeting follows previous talks in late December which Blinken said had seen “great progress.”

Last year, record numbers of migrants attempted to cross the U.S.-Mexico border illegally, which for many, was the culmination of a long journey across the continent.

More than half a million migrants — double the previous year’s record — crossed the dangerous Darien Gap from South America into Central America, many fleeing poverty, crime and conflict and hoping to gain entry into the U.S.

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  1. US should discuss reducing the migrant surge not only with Mexico, but also with all of the southern countries that are located below Mexico. People could easily be travelling from the other part of the world to enter any country that is below new mexico then entering new mexico then trying to enter USA. New Mexico does not seem to want to cooperate, and I understand why.

    People are travelling, and migrating into other countries illegally, so I think it would require the cooperation of all countries that reside near USA, for change to happen.

    Mexico is not the only country US should be discussing this issue with. In my opinion, I think Canada should also be involved, but there might be differences of opinions, and not just in Canada, but also in other Countries that are located below Mexico, so I think this issue is a difficult, and complicated problem.

  2. All of the sudden they admit there is a crisis … took the Dems only 3 years, a massive drop in polls, an estimated 11million illegals and whining mayors from sanctuary cities – well done Abbot and De Santis for dropping the problem right to their door steps. That is leadership!

  3. I am not American ?? but these migrants look dirt poor. The wealth division between United States of America ?? and rest of the world ? is unfair in general and United States of America ?? and South America is huge. This can't be stopped because reward is TOO BIG. Crossing US Border illegally is like winning ? a MEGA MILLION DOLLAR ? LOTTERY. ???????


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