Stay Informed: Canada Recalls Medicine and Yogurt Bowls

This combined image shows products being recalled by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

“Overdose Risk for Children’s Medicine & Salmonella Outbreak – Canadian Food Inspection Agency Issues Urgent Recalls”

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has recently issued several recalls, raising concerns over children’s medicine and food contamination. The products affected by these recalls pose serious risks to consumers, prompting an urgent response from the CFIA.


Pediatrix Acetaminophen Oral Solution, a popular fever medication for children manufactured by Teva Canada Ltd., has been flagged for containing a higher than acceptable amount of acetaminophen. This alarming discovery has prompted the CFIA to recall the product due to the potential risk of overdose.

The CFIA has cautioned parents and guardians to be on the lookout for symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, lethargy, sweating, and loss of appetite in children who have consumed the medication. Liver damage, which may not be immediately apparent, is also a concern for those who have ingested the product. With the best-before date set for August 2025, consumers are urged to return the medication to their local pharmacy for proper disposal.


In addition to the children’s medicine recall, the CFIA has also identified a potential salmonella contamination in certain food products. The Urban Fare brand UF chia tropical fruit parfait and yogurt parfait bowls, as well as the Eagle Brand of frozen corn, have been included in the latest recall due to this concern.

Consumers in Alberta and British Columbia have been advised not to consume the affected products and to promptly return them for a refund. The risk of salmonella contamination poses a serious threat to public health, prompting the CFIA to take swift and decisive action.


Further adding to the list of recalls is the warning issued for George brand sleepers sold in Walmart stores across Canada. The foot grips on these children’s sleepers have been flagged as a potential choking hazard, posing a risk to young consumers. With nearly 371,469 units sold between December 2021 and January 2024, this recall aims to protect the safety and well-being of children across the country.


The CFIA has also highlighted concerns regarding the safety of Collegiate English horse-riding saddles. Nine different models have been deemed unsafe due to the risk of falling, as a result of a broken rivet or stirrup bar. With the potential for serious injury, consumers are strongly advised to cease using these products and to return them for a free replacement.

In light of these urgent recalls, it is crucial for consumers to remain vigilant and heed the warnings issued by the CFIA. The potential risks posed to public health and safety demand immediate action and cooperation from all parties involved. As we navigate through these challenges, we must prioritize the well-being of consumers and work together to prevent further harm.

Let’s use this as a reminder to exercise caution when it comes to the products we use and consume. The safety of our loved ones and ourselves should always remain a top priority. Let’s stand together in our commitment to upholding the highest standards of product safety and consumer protection.”



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