Pascal Siakam pens goodbye letter to Toronto Raptors fans | ‘This is home’


Well just days after being traded to Indiana former Toronto Raptor star Pascal cakam has written a beautiful heartfelt letter to Raptors and the fans and the city in an article released today for the players Tribune seaka makes it clear his ties to the Raptors and Toronto will be lifelong bonds now

He writes never asked for a trade maybe this sounds naive but I felt I could be one of those dudes this is his own writing of course could be one of those dudes who spends his whole career on one team that was my mentality even with the

Rumors like I helped the Raptors with their first NBA title eventually I’d help them win their second I always took that as a given and he goes on to say some lovely stuff about the city listen to this I’ll always be a part of this community that’s what I meant about

Putting Roots down it isn’t just you know oh I have a house in Toronto it’s where I live it’s where so many of the things I care about are and where my brothers and sisters are and where my ps43 Foundation is and will continue to be then finishes with this man I’m so

Excited to continue that work this isn’t thanks For The Memories then I go someplace else basketball can take me all over the world but like I said this is home

Pascal Siakam penned a heartfelt goodbye to Raptors fans after his trade and says Toronto will always be ‘home.’

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